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Monday, June 21, 2010

Rice paddies

I wanted to share pictures of rice paddies, 田 "ta", around my area. I think they're beautiful, especially at this time of the year. The fields require a lot of irrigation for the rice to grow, so they are flooded with water. It's the first time in my life that I live among rice paddies (and probably the only time, too), so I find them quite exquisite and fascinating.

{Rice paddies, Ayagawa, Kagawa prefecture}

{Bike + camera}

Nature in Japan seems to completely explode in the summertime, there is greenery everywhere, and the vegetation is very lush. "Nature will eat you!", joked one of my friends.

I've been keeping myself cheerful and busy lately: language exchange with Japanese friends, writing letters at cafés, movie marathons and sleepovers, upbeat music, learning a chord or two on the guitar, photographing temples and vending machines, biking in the rain (rainy season has started, but my prefecture is very dry so we don't get a lot), making fruit smoothies and fresh salads, late night walks with Isabel, trying to stay cool in the humidity, mastering the art of cycling in a miniskirt, hopping on express trains for no extra charge, and perfecting the pizza dough.


It's been pretty good.

{Kotohira, Kagawa prefecture}

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot Hot Heat

Summer has arrived.

Last week I was still wearing my winter jacket and tights. Then one morning I woke up in Osaka, and it was hot. Not warm. HOT.

Summer is here, and the heat won't leave for several months. I'm a bit scared. Summers in Japan are scary hot and humid, especially where I live, in the South. When I came home from Tokyo and Osaka, my apartment felt like an oven. And it will get worse. My green tea Kit Kat melted on the counter. And the arrival of hot weather brought along weird species of supersized bugs. I saw a cockroach chilling out on my front porch, and what seemed to be a gigantic winged caterpillar.

Despite all the inconveniences, I decided to fully embrace the summer months. I do love sleeping with the windows wide open, and some new sundresses and sandals should cheer me up a bit. I started running at night, mostly by the harbour, where it's so quiet and peaceful. I can see the stars and the lights reflecting on the sea, and it's almost magical. I gave my futon its summer bedding (some special Muji sheets designed to keep cool). And, hello cold udon noodles!

Oh, summer in Japan... wish me luck!

{From now on, all Kit Kats go straight to the fridge. I'm not losing another green tea chunky delight.}