Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I moved to Japan seven years ago.

It seems like ages ago, it was actually ages ago, but it also seems like yesterday. I remember my last meal in Montreal (a club sandwich at a Mile End diner, does that place even still exist?), my last drink (a mini bottle of Veuve Cliquot), my last night (I didn't sleep), waiting at the airport (I was panicking internally until I transferred in Chicago), what I was wearing (navy sweater dress, black tights, black boots- I'd still wear the same thing today), what I ate on the plane (my first time trying satoimo, also known as sweet taro and one of my favourites ever since), and my first night in Nagoya (I lived in Nagoya for a full month before moving to Shikoku). Some details are now fuzzy, but I'll never forget the way I felt at the time, a mix of euphoria and delight. From time to time I still get that feeling, especially when I travel around Japan or feel particularly happy or ecstatic. I think that's what's keeping me in Japan, too. I now have a family in Japan, which is another reason to stay, but I love the fact that I still feel happy in Japan.

When I arrived here seven years ago I had no idea that it would turn out to be for so long. I initially thought I would only be here for a year or two, just to get it out of my system. Or maybe I just didn't know. I remember just being so tired of life in Montreal, and feeling like I was suffocating. I still love Montreal and I especially miss it a lot in autumn, as it's the most beautiful before it gets too cold and snowy.

Aside from all the reminiscing, time is flying by. I'm busier than before, busier than ever. I remember worrying that having a baby would put my career on hold, but it's been the opposite. I also thought I'd want to slow down a little, but in a way I have more energy and motivation than before (even though I look positively more tired, some dark circles that require a bit more YSL Touche Éclat that before). Bébé is growing fast, too fast. He's ten months, and he's almost walking. Any week now, he's quite adventurous. He's also very stubborn, he has such a strong character and he reminds me of myself. It's funny yet scary to see your personality traits in your baby…

I don't blog often lately, but once in a while like tonight I feel like it and I miss it. I guess this photo pretty much sums up my life right now: combining work, cafe visits, cakes and baby. Trying to enjoy what Tokyo has to offer with my little Anri, who's actually so relaxed and well-behaved (and loving attention) in public. Training him young to enjoy the finer things in life!