Sunday, February 7, 2016

Two Months

I've been a mother for now two months. It still feels surreal but it also seems more natural. I'm getting to know Anri and feeling more at ease with everything. I used to get so anxious and heartbroken whenever he would cry, but nowadays I usually know what's wrong and I keep calm. He also smiles at me and recognizes me, laughs at my songs and antics, so it's been fun to interact with him. I speak to him in French exclusively and my husband speaks to him in Japanese, so I wonder what his first words will be, considering he usually hears English in the house. Confusing much? I really hope it's possible he learns all three languages.

Life has changed but somehow things are still the same, except with a baby in tow. I've been enjoying the slow days with Anri, the long afternoon walks and the late nights spent rocking him and bonding. He usually sleeps six hours in a row, then three more after drinking milk, so we've been getting lots of rest. I am back to writing a little, here and there, although my laptop is usually awkwardly propped on my lap next to a napping bebe.

I've been missing going to work, and actually went on a few assignments, yet every time I'm out I miss Anri so much and can't wait to come home. I do cherish those few hours alone and I always make sure to get coffee and peruse the shops a little while I'm out-- however, bebe is always on my mind and my shopping habits are more Petit Bateau, Bonpoint and Baby Gap and a bit less Zara and Chanel beauty counter… I'm looking forward to returning to work a few news programs per week from April, while being thankful my schedule is rather free and Anri doesn't have to go to a nursery school or day care.

The weather in Tokyo is very nice for February, just chilly enough with lots of sunshine. A few days ago I had a recording in Kagurazaka, the unofficial "Little France" of Tokyo due to its significant French population and Institut Franco-Japonais. I love that neighbourhood so much, it has lots of cafes and bakeries and I really should take advantage of the library at the institute (and perhaps to meet fellow mothers). I highly recommend visiting Kagurazaka, it's much more interesting than the usual touristy spots.

Bebe cat nap

Uniqlo baby selfie

Those thighs! Those socks!

Starbucks + baby


Johanna said...

Oh, so sweet. Little bebe Anri,
Must say I really loved Kagurazaka, such a nice vibe! Hope to go back again soon. ^__^)

Christine said...

Anri is so precious!

spajonas said...

Aw! Love the photos! So glad the two of you are getting along just fine. :)

オリたん said...

Beautiful! Glad to hear things are going well~

Adi Kurnaedi said...

I really liked your page, it is very interesting, try..

LH said...

Congrats on your beautiful family! Do you do co-sleeping? I heard that most parents in Japan sleep with their children.

Claudia Trump said...

I hope some new updates come soon