Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hatsumiyamairi: a Japanese birthday

Last week we headed to our local shrine for a ceremony called hatsumiyamairi 初宮参り, which literally means "first shrine visit". When the baby turns one month old, it's a Japanese tradition to visit the shrine and attend a purification ritual from a Shinto priest. It's a bit similar to a Christian baptism. We dressed bebe in a frilly white robe that had belonged to my husband when he was a baby, so it was a very meaningful ensemble (and I like to think he was best-dressed of all babies in attendance!). I wore a white cape over my clothes that matched the robe.

I held bebe during the ceremony, in which the priest chanted the names of all the babies and parents. He also waved around a stick with paper strips to purify, which is done in many Shinto celebrations such as weddings. Photos are not allowed inside the shrine since it's a sacred place but it was a beautiful ceremony, and bebe slept the whole time despite the chanting, bells rattling and drum banging.

We took many photos on the grounds surrounding the shrine, it's a special place we visit yearly for the New Year celebrations. We also had some time to relax following the ceremony, with some sake and traditional sweets. We then headed to a wonderful soba restaurant, which is my favourite Japanese food. It was a kaiseki (full-course meal) and every dish was exquisite.

We've taken Anri out and about a bit more lately, he usually always sleeps in his carrier so it's fairly easy. He also met one of my friends at my favourite cafe in Hiroo, and she held him the whole time. I also take walks to Starbucks in my neighbourhood with him, nothing wild but it makes me feel somewhat back to normal. Life is a lot slower lately, but I'm enjoying this time at home and savouring it as I know it won't last forever.


Waffle Computer said...

I have some pictures of my Hatsumiyamairi, and my mother was looking at my face, just like you, in these pictures. Anri will notice it someday,too.

Noire said...

Beautiful pictures. <3

Claudia Trump said...

Nice Pictures looking good