Monday, November 16, 2015

November: Waiting

So far November has been such a slow and quiet month, but it's perfect this way. Long walks, warm baths, afternoon coffees, watching the sunrise because I can't sleep. I'm essentially just waiting, waiting for bebe, waiting for my life to change forever. It's exciting and the closer it gets, the less scary it is. That's the beauty of pregnancy I think, the whole process of it allows you to adjust both physically and mentally to all the small changes, so in the end you're ready and thankful. I had no idea sleep would be so elusive during those last weeks, but it's probably just the way the body prepares for the upcoming months (or perhaps the rest of my life?).

I'm seriously just not sleeping, but somehow I can function during the daytime due to my relaxing schedule. November in Japan is the best, warm enough to sit outside, sunny and chilly enough to wear a few layers. I write and read books and protect myself from pushy elderly ladies at the supermarket- who knew discount vegetables could stir up so much animation in mid-afternoon? Also, I know I'm extremely late to the game, but I recently discovered Amazon Japan sells more than just books, and it comes in handy for ordering baby stuff and heavier items I cannot carry from the store. It's so convenient for a place like Tokyo, where we tend to run small errands on a daily basis by walk or train, and just get the essentials.

In fashion news, Uniqlo has a new collaboration with French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, it's a very alluring and form-fitting collection with pencil skirts, skintight blazers and leopard prints, but nothing I can really wear at the moment, so I'm sticking to cozy knits and lots of black dresses. I did stock up on some Heat Tech for winter, I love the collaboration with lingerie brand Princesse Tam-Tam, the loungewear is really soft and warm. It will be strange to wear regular clothes again in a few short weeks, I'll miss dressing the bump!

While it's been a blissful time on this side, there is a lot to think about with what's going on in the world, and the scary thought of bringing a small being in this turmoil. I'm sure every parent thinks like that. My condolences and thoughts go to my French friends, colleagues, readers and everyone in that beautiful city I've always dreamed of living in, where I imagine the streets are rather empty now.

IKEA meatballs

Our local sushi place

Saturday morning brunch at home

Typical afternoons

Special edition Mount Takao Keio train
My Miffy-themed mother and baby handbook-
I bet Canada doesn't have something as cute!