Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Typhoons + Thanksgiving

I may have said that October has the best weather in Japan, but I retract that. I forgot that October is all about typhoons, then it gets really warm and humid, then suddenly it gets rainy and the temperatures dip to a chilly 13 degrees, like tonight. I'm wearing socks and a hoodie for the first time in several months. I actually love it, but I think November is best weather-wise.

It's been nonstop madness since I got back from Kyoto. Every time I escape Tokyo for a few days, I come back to out-of-control amounts of work and deadlines, but it's still worth it to go away. We were lucky this weekend was another holiday three-day one, with Monday being Physical Education Day in Japan, and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Canadian Thanksgiving is one of the holidays I miss the most, chiefly the food part (and family time of course). This year, we went over to some friends' house to watch a very very Canadian movie about hockey, so that felt really nice and nostalgic in a way, even though I don't closely follow hockey, but it's such an important part of our culture.

Canada suddenly feels so far away, even though I was just there a few months ago, being back in Tokyo just sucked me back into this crazy busy life, and sometimes I stop and try to remember that my visit back home wasn't a dream. I had promised myself I would live a more balanced life once I got back to Japan, I've been trying but I still have a lot to work on- it's just been a whirlwind.

As for Physical Education Day, I spent it not doing any P.E. and it was glorious, but I'm catching up on my laziness this week with some much-needed fitness sessions.

I've been liking staying in or just having quiet drinks and dinner at friends' homes, it somewhat balances out my insane schedule quite nicely, not to mention spending quality time with friends is at the top of my list. I haven't been sleeping much lately either, even though I go to bed early I can't fall asleep, which is a bit unusual for me. I think too much and I get too excited about many things, I guess it's good and nothing like worrying over life, which is a nice change.

Lately I've been mostly wearing everything from the Alexandre Plokhov collection, it's just so comfortable and it's like living in sweats all day long, minus the sloppiness. Yes, please.


オリたん said...

Ah, I checked out the collection at Uniqlo after reading your post about it. I missed a deal they had online where the whole collection was about 20% off by just a few minutes and ended up paying the full price for a sweater and dress. If I love them as much as I hope to, I'll probably get the high neck top and pants as well though.

I'm super excited for them. I'm in Tohoku and I remember last year it still being hot enough to wear tees outside in October, but definitely not this year. I love that I can wear winter clothes again.

Stay cozy! Look forward to your next post.

Vivian said...

So glad you checked it out! Let me know your thoughts on the items! I've been living in that black dress, it's just so comfy yet doesn't look frumpy. I also love the grey sweater, and hoodie. I literally got everything, it's almost embarrassing. Thanks for your kind comment, hope all is well in Tohoku.

Anonymous said...

I always wished the UK had some kind of Thanksgiving holiday like Canada and the US, it seems like such a nice holiday- I can understand why you would miss it! I'm glad you had a great time in Kyoto again- I am really looking forward to getting to visit there next year!