Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Neighbourhood Woes

I've been living in my cozy little apartment for now almost two years, and while it has been peaceful and relaxing for the most part, those past few months have been particularly trying. There's my next door neighbour, a woman of a certain age who rehearses the soundtrack to 'Frozen' every single night. Every. Single. Night. There's my downstairs neighbour, a twenty-something student who has weekly drinking sessions that go on until sunrise. He also smokes so much that the smoke reaches my apartment through the vents, and I have to sleep with a mask. It all sounds a bit dramatic, but it's been horrible, especially as sleep-deprived enough as it is. I've been trying to reciprocate with loud French music and early morning vacuuming stints, but I think it's a hopeless battle. I cannot wait to move! It does make for great stories, though.

In other news, October is already coming to an end, with Halloween in between. It's amazing how Japan loves and celebrates Halloween nowadays, way more than when I first got to Japan back in 2009. I'm not celebrating Halloween this year either, it's never been a favourite holiday of mine, but I do enjoy seeing all the elaborate costumes when I walk through Shibuya every evening after work.

All I know is that Saturday morning all shops will be covered in Christmas-themed decorations, including Starbucks and its "Snow Maple Toffee" Frappuccino, their seasonal specialty for the holidays. I'm always curious about those drinks, but the amount of sugar and syrup is more calories than I can burn in a week worth of fitness classes. Anyways- this year I'm very very much looking forward to the holidays, so I might accidentally enjoy those Christmas decorations.

My favourite tempura lunch set around Aoyama

Waiting for the train, every day
This homemade salad was exquisite,
but eating that many greens in Japan
is an expensive little habit.



Anonymous said...

Oh no- that would drive me mad about the singing and smoking by your neighbours. I'm a really light sleeper so it would keep me up. The Christmas decorations go up so early in Japan! I'm trying to remember last year in Beijing (how did I forget already haha!). I know there were decorations up around the international shopping areas but I think they were up really late and there was not much. But it's not a holiday here at all. We're going to the UK for Christmas this year so I'm getting excited already! :-)

philly said...

Custom made earplugs to block all noise are one answer. My building has pipes that hiss and steam day and night (hot water heating). It's worst in my bedroom. The pipes are in the wall behind my head. They are great for crying babies and engine noise on airplanes. The best hundred bucks I ever spent.

I guess you could slip a note under the door asking whether she knows any other songs. Alas, you could get My Heart Goes On and on and on. No thank you. Much as we get homesick and love you, Celine, there are limits.

The smoker? Well that's a tougher one. Yikes.
And Kirisumasu? Ah yes. Today the NHK shows had lit up trees and what not in the backgrounds. Here (West Coast Canada) we are barely into the early hours of Hallowe'en.

Emelie said...

Will you try the snow maple toffe frappuccino? It sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

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