Monday, October 20, 2014


Lately I've been working a ridiculous amount, which even included the weekend. I feel like all I talk about is how much I work, but welcome to Tokyo life. Even though I've had to work nonstop, I've tried to infuse it with some fun, and it's amazing how a few hours at the bookstore, or shopping or sipping on coffee can make a difference.

I spent a few hours at T-Site in Daikanyama on Sunday and finally took home the Rose Bakery recipe book, which is filled with smoothies, salads, scones and tea cakes. Rose Bakery is one of my favourite cafes in Japan (I especially love the Marunouchi branch, located amongst the clothes at Comme des Garçons), and I can finally re-create some of the dishes- they're all so simple and tasty. I also paid an embarrassing amount for the winter issue of Porter, because Christy Turlington and I'm tired of depriving myself of (unaffordable) fashion prettily adorning glossy pages.

I also went to a wine course, at a cooking studio-meets-cafe near the Imperial Palace. The place is called Cook Coop Book, and they offer cooking lessons and wine classes in English. This particular class was about pairing wines with different foods, and even though things start to get a bit blurry after the third glass, I did learn some essential knowledge that I shall apply to my hostess skills, should I ever host a dinner party again (I promise I will, and I can't wait).

I watched a French moved called Casse-tête chinois, which is the sequel of L'Auberge Espagnole and Les Poupées russes, two movies I somehow grew up with, all about traveling and living abroad and coming of age. That last installment was just as entertaining, but it suddenly made me feel old, as I grew up closely to that generation and suddenly all the characters became um, old.

All I hope to do now is open this fashion magazine and also whip up a few recipes from my numerous cook books that tend to remain closed in favour of take-out sushi and meatball udon.

Bed time!

Let's get baking

Let's hope I have time to open it someday

Wine + foods

My new favourite place!

Japanese garden at New Otani Hotel


Marju V said...

How come that Christy Turlington just keeps getting more beautiful with age? If you discover her secret in the magazine, please let me know. :)

Des said...

I loved L'Auberge Espagnole and Les Poupées Russes. I feel like I grew up with those movies, too. I have to see Casse-tête chinois.

Khaleesi said...

Love love love Rose Bakery!