Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kyoto in October

We took a spontaneous trip to Kyoto over the weekend, and I realized the past few times I've been in Kyoto is was either scorching hot or bitter cold. Kyoto tends to go to both extremes of the thermometer, but this time it was just perfect, and we managed to avoid the typhoon.

Every time I'm in Kyoto I question my decision to live in Tokyo. Kyoto is much more mellow, less crowded, and even if there are so many tourists, it's such a great city. There is beauty everywhere you look, and you can cycle all across it and avoid trains and buses. Tokyo is the business and pop culture centre of Japan, so that's where I must be for the time being.

Our weekend was packed as usual, but I managed to spend some quality time with this girl and eat the best all-vegetable based dishes at this healthy version of an izakaya. I loved the vegetable tempura, grilled onion, soy-based tsukemen, and kiwi avocado smoothie.

We visited some shrines, and one of them was Kamigamo, a World Heritage site. We learned about how they build the wooden roofs and had a guided visit of the site, and wrote a wish on a piece of bark.  I also made sure to make some time for matcha by the river, and of course Shinshindo.

Kyoto makes me feel so happy and peaceful.

Kyoto station

Shinshindo keeps it real

All-green train

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on the outskirts of Kyoto

Kamigamo is a Shinto sanctuary

I loved this

Kyoto also has Omotesando Koffee

Shinkansen bento!

Sofia sparkling

It rained a tiny bit

standing on the tracks


Christine said...

I can't wait to go there!!!!

spajonas said...

What a gorgeous trip! Someday I will make it there.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved Kyoto when I was there. I wish I had gone more. It's such a relaxing city and beautiful.

Loco said...

I envy you !

Amelia said...

I adored Kyoto in my quick visit there. By some fluke of nature, we actually got to hang out with some geisha which was just so amazing and startling. Both me and my friend were whispering to each other, this never happens....
I still need to blog that!
Lovely post xxx

Emelie said...

Sounds like you had a really nice trip :) Now I really want to see "Lost in Translation" again.

apricot said...

This is my first comment here.
I love autumn Kyoto very much:)