Friday, September 19, 2014

Train Posters + Friday


In celebration of ending yet another hectic week, check out those Odakyu line manner posters. They are by far my favourites:

don't rock out on the train

check out those pants

I successfully made it to the gym this week, and worked out so hard I couldn't walk or sit properly today- in a good way, of course. I also noticed I have actual arm muscles, which motivates me to keep up with it.

I had a long week with lots of deadlines but I treated myself to a latte- and a Daikanyama bookstore visit to wind down on Friday evening- that's how wild I get lately. I did some window shopping in Roppongi Hills and on Omotesando and I want so many things for autumn and winter, and trying to decide what is the best investment piece- a bag, shoes or a coat? Or all three…?

This sums up my week perfectly

First time i get a heart at sbux

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Emelie said...

Love Line, I think my boyfriend and I are the only ones in Sweden using it X) you don't need words anymore, just stickers!