Friday, September 5, 2014

September, Week One

I had one of those weeks with an event every single evening, which means glasses of Champagne, late bedtimes, rushed deadlines and skipped gym workouts. I wish I could do it all, but I did manage one introduction to boxing class, which was the best workout I've ever had. Why did I not know that before?? It's a fun way to do cardio, too.

I went to a hair product launch party with MTV, and left with a month's worth supply of hair products, which is kind of a nice perk, not to mention the event was sponsored by Mo√ęt & Chandon. I usually never use Japanese brands on my hair as it's not the right fit for my hair type, but this brand was actually fine, it's called XY9 and the striped pink and white packaging is quite nice. The best part of the event was the location, right next to L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, some of my favourite in Tokyo. After the event, we shared a marinara pizza complete with enough garlic and olive oil to make Italy proud, along with a green salad and potato cake (gateau di patate sounds so much more appetizing). Although the reviews from that place are lukewarm, I think you can't find much better in Tokyo, although the very best pizza in Japan, Dottore, is actually located in Sendai.

I also went to the Canadian Embassy, which is always a happy place to go. I'm lucky I get to go often for work-related purposes and events, and I like how friendly everyone is, and how stepping in feels like being in Canada momentarily. I never miss a chance to take a photo of the Mountie cardboard cutout, who greets guests at the entrance.

This week was not all work and 6am starts- last night, one of my friends hosted a mani/pedi party at her place (which included two fluffy kitties, a spectacular view of Tokyo Tower, her manicurist and lots of wine and cheese) for four of us girls, and it was the best way to end the week. I picked vamp red on my fingers, and went old-school on my toes with the infamous Lincoln Park After Dark OPI shade, almost black deep purple. I also left with a gorgeous, brand new Vince navy dress, which made me realize I never owned an iron in Japan. So I've spent five years not ironing my clothes, and using the good ol' steamy-hot-water-in-the-shower trick to smooth out my clothes. On my shopping list this weekend: iron.

Anyone going to Vogue Fashion's Night Out tonight? Have a great weekend!

Shibuya, 6:20am

Hello there, pink bubbles.

Sides dishes at da Michele

Bonjour, Canada

The view from the bathroom (!) is pretty hot.

Many mirrors= obligatory selfie

This kitty!
Red nails

This face!


Anonymous said...

I used to love those crazy, busy Tokyo weeks!

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel you on those missed gym sessions and late night/early mornings! I was doing well for the first few weeks back at school, then I took on some new projects and woops no gym or yoga time! But the manicure night sounds like a great idea!