Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Tokyo Routine

Unlike last week, this week was so disciplined, pretty much every day looked the same and it wasn't so bad after all. Wake up at 6:00, fold my futon, have a shower, long breakfast, pack my lunch, clean my room, go to work, go to the gym, come home, cook, tidy up, write, read, bed by 22:30. Zzzzzzz.

My eating habits are so much healthier when I'm disciplined and pack my own lunch and cook dinner, and I really should do this every single day even if I have all those events to attend. I mean, I could never pass up some free finger foods, but I could do without the in-between appointments conbini sandwich. Lately I've been snacking on edamame and tofu, as usual. I wonder if I eat too much tofu, I eat it almost daily. I should google that.

In other news, I joined a suicide prevention walk on Wednesday, which is World Suicide Prevention Day. It's a big topic in Japan (and everywhere else in the world for that matter) which holds a lot of stigma, but I think it's important to raise awareness. I think a lot of non-Japanese people living in Japan cannot easily find the help they need, or don't know where to turn. I witnessed a lot of people around me experiencing distress during our time in Japan, and unfortunately I wasn't aware of all the resources available, but they do exist, like the TELL Lifeline, which is a number everyone should program in their phones.

On a brighter note, this weekend is a long one (Respect for the Elderly holiday) and I'm so thankful I'll get to sleep in three mornings in a row. I just hope it stops raining, it's been so wet and grey all week.

I've already picked up my 2015 diary

Soba is my absolute favourite

Conbini lunch, not bad at all = ¥400

This selfie app is so much fun (and annoying for others)
It's called B612


Emelie said...

Your soba and conbini lunch looks delicious! Looks really healthy compared to my conbini lunches when I lived in Japan; one melon pan + inari sushi...shame on me!

Khaleesi said...

You got your wish. Today is lovely!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

This post makes me really miss real Japansese food.

kumiko said...

do u eat tofu just liddat out of the box raw?
I think tofu shld be great! perhaps I should do it too - low calorie & estrogenic! :)

Anonymous said...

My "conbini" lunch today cost me $8! A salad and a bottle of water. I miss onigiri!

Anonymous said...

My "conbini" lunch today cost me $8! A salad and a bottle of water. I miss onigiri!

Anonymous said...

I always think that about tofu too! I eat it everyday in Asia because I'm a vegetarian- but back home I would eat lots of other things too so less tofu. Probably should google it but....! :-) love the new diary!

Amelia said...

I am craving soba v.hard after reading this!!
This is a lovely post, I think I might write my Hong Kong routine too. I miss the lovely Japanese tofu so bad! Amelia Writes