Monday, September 1, 2014

End of Summer

The change of seasons in Japan goes according to the date, and not the actual weather. Now that September arrived, decorations have changed to autumn leaves-themed displays, limited edition autumn beverages and shops are presenting clothes I cannot even dream of wearing just yet. The weather is still warm and the air filled with humidity, for another month at least.

Yet I can tell it's the end of summer, the light is different and the cicadas aren't as loud. I had the best summer I've had in several years, mostly because I went back to Canada, but also because I had a proper holiday. For almost a month, I did not work at all, something I never did in the five years I was in Japan. It was so refreshing, and as I came back to Japan, suddenly everything changed and exciting things are happening all over the place. Or maybe it's me who has changed?

Things I've been into lately: Gia Coppola (I love everything Coppola, whether it's wine or movies), Yves Saint Laurent movie (the early collections and runway shows were exquisite, and a young Karl Lagerfeld), my summer playlist, Gambit (the 1966 film), red nails, pencil skirts, greek yoghurt with berries, sparkling water and eringi mushroom sautéed with butter, best discovery of the summer.

September Metro Manner Poster:
Move your fur away from the priority seats?

Latte at Le Coutume, never get tired of it

How tiny are they?!
Definitely NOT trainer-approved

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