Saturday, August 16, 2014

Washing the Car in Japan

After five years in Japan, some small things never cease to amaze me, and I still make discoveries, like the car wash one. In addition to car washing places where you can send you car to be washed by a machine, Japan also has car wash parks, where people can reserve a stall and wash their car, as if they were at home. Since Japan has such limited space, washing your car at home can be difficult (not to mention how much it would bother the entire neighbourhood), so many people take their cars to the car wash park.

When you arrive, you park your car in a stall, insert coins in the machine to pick which kind of wash you prefer: water only, or water with soap, or the full water-soap-wax course. Then, for the next 4 minutes (you have to be quick!), water shoots out of a gun-like contraption and you wash your car. You can also fill a bucket of water for 10 yen per bucket.

It was strange to be in a park where everyone is washing their car at the same time, but I really enjoyed learning about this cultural tidbit, as silly as it sounds.

Detailed instructions 

Pick your course

The car wash park

For 10 yen you can get a bucket full of water

Don't %$#@ leave your garbage or you may go to jail for 5 years

This dispenses water

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KimbaChan said...

We have those in America. I've used one only twice when I lived in an apartment in college.