Friday, August 29, 2014

There goes August

It rained all week and it will continue all weekend, but I am loving this break from the summer heat, even though I know it's not completely over- summer will be back in full swing very soon, no doubt about that, so I'm trying not to get excited over autumn collections (too late).

I started a few mornings this week with a workout at the gym, and I'm really loving it, even though I have to wake up at an ungodly hour. I'm doing this 10-week fitness challenge with unlimited classes, it's only a week in but I'm already hooked. If I can take 4 classes per week, that'd be ideal. I've been sleeping very well and eating better too, as it comes hand in hand. 

In other news, I've been addicted to Aesop's oil-free hydrating serum, which is the perfect amount of moisture for humid Japanese summers. In Canada, I had to layer a cream since the weather was so dry, but in Japan it works fine on its own. I just want to buy everything at Aesop, and I love how environmentally friendly they are.

I'm not planning much working out for the weekend, perhaps some writing, some Champagne, some reading, and I want to bake a cake. 

The Tokyo Police mascot family. Where did his pants go?

This + drinking water all day = goodness

Loving this B612 selfie app,
as if we needed an app just for selfies


judyitazuke said...

Which gym offers unlimited fitness classes with 10 week course? I live in Shibuya when I am in Tokyo.

Rebecca said...

Where do you buy Aesop stuff in Japan? I am also loving the rain! It's so much better than +34 with 80% humidity!

Vivian said...

Judyitazuke: It's Club 360! Classes only, no actual gym to work out. It's amazing though.

Rebecca: There's a few shops in Tokyo, in Aoyama, Omotesando and Tokyo Station, also in the Conran Shop, and in some select Beauty & Youth and United Arrows. It's the best!