Monday, August 25, 2014

Mint Candy Apple

Over the weekend, the weather has dropped a few degrees, and it instantly feels a lot better. After an uneventful weekend spent recovering from the week before and missing out on summer festival fun and dinners with friends due to heat-induced illness, I got around to get back into my routine a bit. I sorted through the Canada photos, cleaned my whole apartment, stock up on fresh fruit and veggies and tried my hand at a summer bento. I painted my nails a mint candy apple shade, from Essie, which I bought in Montreal for a fraction of the price. The only things I bought in Canada were nail polish (OPI and Essie, a third of the price compared to Japan), English and French books (including lots of Amélie Nothomb and a plane gem called Crazy Rich Asians), some Lululemon workout clothes, and countless tubes of toothpaste. The essentials!!

In other news, I've had my MacBook Air for now two whole years. It still works really well, except the letters 'e' and 'd' on the keyboard are a little loose, and the memory is completely full even though I transferred most of my files and deleted applications. I love this computer so much, I remember when I bought it, it was right when I actually started to write for a living. It was a reward and a motivation to do more, and it paid off. So much has happened since then, I feel like I've been so lucky.


Christine said...

I love that colour! I am so partial to mint when it comes to nail polish.

I loved reading Crazy Rich Asians..I heard that there might be another book coming...I hope so!

Emelie said...

Cute color :) OPI and Essie nailpolishes are as expensive in Sweden as in Japan :/