Friday, August 22, 2014

Is August Over Yet?

My feelings about summer in Japan, crowded trains in this heat and the constant sweat. Is it over yet? I remember when I lived in Shikoku for my first summer in Japan, I barely had to work (or when I did it was at night), so I would spend all day indoors with the air conditioner blasting and curtains shut.  It was actually a pretty depressing and lonely summer. Things are a lot more exciting now, but I sadly don't have the option of hibernating until October. 

Life post-holiday has resumed, but I feel different than before. It's like going home changed everything, even though my life in Tokyo is exactly the same (almost- I do wake up a lot earlier and eat more fruit).  I need more time to figure this all out.

In other news, I discovered a new healthy cafe in Aoyama, called Three. It's one of the rare places in Tokyo which has cold pressed juices, kale salads and hearty servings of gluten-free pancakes covered with fresh chunks of mangoes and bananas. I know all this is trendy overseas, but it's just making its first appearance in Japan. They even have a beauty shop and spa next door, which I haven't tried yet. They also serve alcohol, freshly baked goods and they actually open at 7am. 

I've also been enjoying white wine on the outdoor terrace at Cicada, ¥500 takeout curry at my local shop, homemade breakfasts, peaches, excruciating workouts at the gym and shopping at the depachika (basement of department stores, home to all the heavenly food, which is discounted after 6pm-ish). 

Can you spot me on the train platform?

Cold-pressed juice

THIS BREAKFAST (and no queue).

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Amelia said...

"I need more time to figure this all out."
I'm so at this stage right now. I've barely been back in London 5 minutes yet I am already feeling that existential ennui that had set in before I left for Hong Kong. I know I don't want to live in London any more, and now I feel this wide panic. Where will I go? Is this feeling normal? So it's heartening to discover I'm not the only one who is having to think stuff like this through. AmeliaWrites