Friday, August 15, 2014

August Heat

I somewhat got over jet lag, and life resumed as usual post-Canada. I went from being at home with my family and friends to just being at my office in Tokyo, and back to my apartment so suddenly, as if nothing happened.

Being away from Japan and back in my homeland was a really, really good thing. Living in a completely different culture for 5 years without going home is probably not the healthiest thing, and somehow it gave me distorted views of myself, my life and my roots. Going home gave me back that balance and a fresh perspective on Japan. It's true that leaving Japan makes you appreciate it a lot more, all those small things you take for granted: the convenience stores, the clean and available public restrooms, the freshness and quality of Japanese food, the efficient service, general cleanliness, safety and organization, and all those wonderful, rich cultural traditions and sights. Not to mention the sole thrill of living abroad, which is assured daily excitement and meeting all kinds of interesting people.

I would miss those aspects so much if I left Japan- however, do those things make up for a family, longtime friendships, stability, nature, green spaces, peacefulness (I finally slept for the first time in 5 years, no noise pollution…), fresh air, large apartments, cultural variety and affordable fruit? I wish I could have it all. Coming back to Japan is comfortable, but difficult. I imagine it's normal to feel this way, I'm sure I'm not the first person to experience this situation.

In the meantime, summer is in full force, it's hot, it's humid, it's suffocating, but I missed out on three weeks of that madness so I don't feel exhausted yet. I avoid going outside for too long, I drink lots and lots of water and cold green tea, and indulge in my favourite summer foods, like soba, cold tofu with ginger, sashimi, somen and edamame. Since I got back, all I'm craving is Japanese food! I also found greek yoghurt at the supermarket, which makes me so happy. I've been eating it every morning with fresh fruit and a dash of maple syrup.

August Metro manner poster-
mind your large items

September, I'm ready

Tuna & salmon over rice

Me stuck at customs at the airport-
more stressful than you can imagine

I miss this SWEET FACE

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spajonas said...

Omg, that tuna and salmon over rice looks divine. I really want to live in Japan. I've never been happier on a vacation than I was there. I felt so at home, slept well, and cried when I left :) Someday I'll get back there.