Thursday, July 10, 2014


Waiting for an off-season typhoon, tonight. I stocked up on food and magazines, and I'm secretly hoping I get to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow. I have lots of packing to do, and so far my suitcase is filled to the brim with snacks to give as gifts. How will I find room for clothes? And why is Montreal hotter than Tokyo at the moment?

Thank you for the book recommendations, I want to read them all! I just wonder how I can survive a 16 or 17-hour trip, not to mention all the waiting time in between. It's pretty much a full day of just being on planes and transferring.

Just today I was emailing my mom about what I want to eat when I get home; she asked me to list all the meals I want, but all I can think about are fruits and vegetables. I've been so deprived of (especially) fruits in Japan, because they're so expensive- I must have scurvy by now. All I want to eat are fruits and vegetables and salads. And my mom's soups and desserts! Other than that, I'm not sure how I feel about the rest, I've been on a mostly Japanese diet for a few years now, but home is home and I'll be happy to be reunited with a large selection of affordable cheese, real bread (none of that sweet bakery junk we have in Japan) and cultural variety.

Another thing I look forward to is to not have to worry about cockroaches. As soon as June rolls around in Japan, I'm on constant roach radar mode, which means I anticipate them all the time and my heart stops every time I see a black spot.  I haven't gotten them since I set up traps last year, but I just know I'll encounter a few more in my Japan life. I live in constant fear and anticipation, every time I turn on the lights or open the door to my apartment. I became a clean freak, even though it doesn't necessarily help. In Canada, I'll be able to relax and not think of the winged beasts.

I hope I get to relax at home, not just physically, but mentally as well. I feel like I need a real break to just recharge and reflect on what has happened in the last four years.

Four more sleeps!



Anonymous said...

i am so happy i found your blog (and eager to peruse your older posts!. really, really interesting. safe travels!

philly said...

In spite of your insatiable appetite for carb and sugar loading of various kinds, when it comes to bread you say: ...none of that sweet bakery junk...

I say: Amen!

PS Eat and drink up and put on as much weight as you like when you are back in Canada. No restraints. It will all drop off within two weeks when you return to Japan. Guaranteed. My pants drag on the sidewalk within days every time I am back.