Friday, July 11, 2014

No Sleep!

4am earthquake stickers say it all

I, along with the whole population of Tohoku and Kanto, was woken up at 4:22am by the earthquake alarm, which shouts "earthquake, earthquake!!" in Japanese over and over and buzzes loudly enough to give you a heart attack. It's actually the first time my earthquake alarm was accurate, meaning it announced it a few seconds before it actually took place. Thankfully it wasn't strong in Tokyo, and although there was a tsunami warning and evacuating on the coast of Tohoku, seems like there are no damages, but who knows about Fukushima- never know which kind of cover-up they'll come up with next.

Whenever an earthquake strikes I always reach for my phone and go to Twitter, which is a strange habit I picked up in Japan. Of course if the quake was strong I'd evacuate, but when it's just a small shake I just like to go on Twitter for 'confirmation'. Guess it makes me feel less lonely in the middle of the night, knowing everyone else is awake and slightly freaked out by the alarm. I stayed up until 5am contemplating breakfast, but I was able to go back to sleep for a few hours.

Now I have to run around Tokyo for errands, but the temperature is like 37 with 99 percent humidity (I'm barely exaggerating) and I don't want to go in the outside world.

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Khaleesi said...

This was the first time I've experienced this and it was weird considering other earthquakes have been much shakier. When I googled why, I understood a little better even though I still wasn't happy about the early wake-up call.