Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rainy June

Rain, rain, rain for days. Rainy season has officially started, and I actually don't mind it at all. The weather is cooler (I'm not ready for the summer heat yet), I have rain boots and a rain coat, so why not. My hair will be a fluffy mess for the next few weeks, but all that humidity supposedly does wonders for the skin. I also like any excuse to stay in.

This week was filled with social events, and I ended up going to a record of embassies around Tokyo during a very short period of time. Namely there was a dinner with the US Embassy, complete with a gorgeous garden and a dog, and a Canadian Embassy event with Canadian-themed everything: Canadian food, Canadian music, Canadian slideshow, Canadian beer, Canadian wine, Canadian flags, Canadian CDs. You have to admire Canada for promoting Canadian content, and it made me feel so proud to be Canadian, and our embassy is just so beautiful!

I also had an unexpected emergency and had to quickly purchase a pair of shoes, so I dropped by H&M in between appointments and picked up a ¥1,080 (about 10 dollars) pair of flats, and after about 20 minutes they completely destroyed my feet, so NO to shoes that cheap every again. They looked alright aside from the fact that I still can't walk properly.

In others news, the bakery inside Omotesando station started serving this delicious almond milk, black sesame, honey and banana smoothie, and I'm afraid they'll take it off the market if I order it too often. I haven't had much time to cook since I was out every night, but one night I came home to homemade tempura and soba, and it was the best thing. Cold soba is one of my favourite summer dishes, and it's so simple to make. Here is a very easy and quick recipe I learned.

After stuffing myself with American and Canadian foods all week, it feels nice to go back to Japanese food, as it's generally much lighter. I was thinking, it will be strange to not eat much Japanese food this summer while in Canada, I think I'll miss it so much.

Almond Milk + Black Sesame 

Soba + Tempura

Me + Cut Out Mountie

Blurry Elevator Selfie


Christine said...

H & M flats are horrible. It has no support for your feet.

P.S. love your dress!

Nina said...

I need rain shoes but i feel like it's a waste since I will be leaving to California at the end of next month -.-

And the almond milk + black sesame looks amazingly good!!

Tanya Geddes said...

You're going back to Canada? Please blog about your experiences there. That will be really interesting. I like the rainy season. Sometimes the rain was so strong it felt like it was beating up my apartment. But it gives you an excuse to read books in caf├ęs and look philosophically outside to the sound of beating rain. Nothing like it:-)

Vivian said...

Christine: Indeed, no more H&M shoes for me, EVER!!!! My feet are still in pain after one week!! And thank you- the dress is MJ, I love it so much, all silk!

Nina: Oh, you're leaving so soon!! :(

Tanya: I'm going to Canada this summer for a visit- a LONG OVERDUE visit! It will be a reverse culture shock, definitely! I love rain too, nothing beats being inside with a cup of coffee and a good book!

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