Saturday, May 3, 2014

Golden Week, Tokyo Version

This week leading up to the infamous Golden Week has been especially hectic; lots of fun going out with my Montreal friends and introducing them to the magnificence of ramen and the things you can buy at convenience stores (a half beer, half cola drink is now on the shelves), followed by lots of work. I was the in midst of organizing another event, so those always cause a bit of stress and last minute panic- but it all went to smoothly, and I feel thankful I had so much help.

Golden Week can now officially begin, but this year, the public holidays actually fall on a weekend (go figure) so in the end it's only two days off, instead of the usual week-long vacation. It will be a few days off filled with sweet nothing, and a chance to catch up with friends and tidying up my house.

I also tried a boot camp-style class last week, at a fitness club near my office, and it was the best workout I've ever had! It left my body oh-so-sore, which means I used muscles that have never been used. It was a combination of running, jumping, lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches and weights done in a circuit, and I could barely keep up but it was lots of fun. It was in a small group with an instructor, and I went first thing in the morning, before work.

It made my second-guess my gym routine and membership; when I go to my regular gym, I don't really push myself and just hop on the treadmill for a run, then do a few weight sets and call it a day. I tend to be a bit lazy on my own, so I'm wondering if I should take more of those fitness classes with an instructor instead, where I actually break a sweat and can barely move the next day. Thoughts? Plus, my regular gym is closed on Wednesdays, and doesn't open until 10am- what is that all about?!

Also, I'm looking for a place to sublet for a week or two in Montreal, to be in the midst of the city and live my old life for a bit (since my family home in a tad further out in the suburban jungle, and not sure I'm even allowed to drive a car or know how to!). If you know anyone who is away on holiday in late July and would sublet their place, please email me!! I looked at Airbnb too.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing a Canadian Tuxedo

Tokyo Metro's May manner poster:


philly said...

Hey Vivian. Sorry you didn't get a week as golden as you deserve. Try as well. I had good luck with airbnb recently, but summer can be tough. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Hey Vivian- I've mostly been out of the internet world for the last month and just catching up! Agh! So great that you've booked your trip back to Canada. Oh, I'm the same with the gym/exercise classes- I am more motivated when there's an instructor. There's a new thing in Beijing called heyrobics (some kind of Swedish aerobics class..!) it's so much fun! :-)

Zahra サラ said...

Hello! I found your blog and I just had to tell you that I love it! It's my favorite things combined:
Japan, Wong Kar-Wai and Lost in Translation as a title!
I'll be following you from now on :)

Andy Omae said...

They need manner posters here in the U.S. I rode the Phoenix light rail to a baseball game last week, and just had to laugh. My friend asked why I was laughing, and I said, "the 20 people in this car are 100 times louder than a packed train car in Japan at rush hour." In fact, you can hear a pin drop on the Yamanote line between Shinagawa and Shibuya. I would have tested that theory out, but it was so packed, I probably couldn't bend down to pick up the pin.

Also, I had no pin.