Friday, April 4, 2014

Here Comes April

Between an early hanami and the end of it, I feel like there was no in-between as the rain and wind took the delicate petals away. No panic, there are still some flowers in bloom, but their short lifespan was even shortened this year. I'm happy I was able to do hanami last weekend, and I plan on a second round this weekend too. I wish the cherry blossoms would last for a whole season, it's such a beautiful, romantic time.

This week was a bit of a downer, it rained so much and the strange weather made me so lethargic. I skipped the gym due to so many evening commitments and being generally tired. No exercise usually puts me in a bad mood, so I've been feeling a bit low, missing home and wishing I could get out just for a bit and speak French or something.

Anyways! April is here, it's a month big in changes in Japan: start of the new business cycle, start of the school year for students, and it's also the time of the year when hordes of apprentice salarymen roam the streets of Tokyo in their boxy suits and have one drink too many and pass out outside the station. It's a pretty interesting month, but can be really tough mentally on lots of people.

Nothing new for me this April; 2014 has been so peaceful, stable and quiet, a nice change from last year's adventures changing jobs and apartments and praying for a visa. I actually love how still everything is, it's the first time in a very, very long time. Maybe the first time ever in Japan, actually.

Early hanami

Rainy week + fluffy hair

End of hanami, 花吹雪


Christine said...

"April showers brings May flowers". I remind myself that when I get depress looking at rain. But hey, it's better than snow/ice here.

Love the phooto of you!

Malice said...

Aww so quick! Thats sad that the weather took it away so suddenly.

Vivian said...

Christine- Thank you!! Is Canada really still covered in snow/ice? Hang in there…

Malice- Yes, so quick! Barely ten days…