Monday, April 7, 2014

End of Hanami

The end of cherry blossom season is always a bit sad, and one could compare it to a lingering hangover (which literally can be, for many people). Within the next few days, the pink trees will all turn green, and the ground will be covered in pink- hanafubuki (the falling of sakura flowers) is actually my favourite part. It's more subtle, melancholic, and nothing compares to walking on a carpet of pink petals.

My 6k run left my body sore for the whole weekend, but each painful movement is a reminder of how good that was, and I'm looking forward to the next run. Running really does give a natural high. I didn't think I could last this long (I know it's not even that long!), but lately I run on the treadmill at the gym and it's easy to just get bored. Last Saturday's scenic route kept me distracted, and so did the banter of my running buddies.

In other news, today I indulged in a Krispy Kreme doughnut, which probably canceled all the calories I burnt while running. Oh well, it was worth it. I never was a fan of doughnuts before Japan, but here it's all about Mr. Donut and queues at Krispy Kreme. Apparently Canada has the highest number of doughnut shops per capita, more so than Japan, but for some reason I rarely ate them back home. It was the perfect way to end a Monday!

Monday Night


Christine said...

We are the land of Tim Horton's doughnuts!

Wow, 6k. I need to run again. I hope I can at least make it to 2k.

spajonas said...

I clicked on your post just to see the donut :)

JoellaJ said...

Haha Vivian- I was never into donuts until I lived in Korea. Now I love Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme..! They don't actually have Dunkin Donuts in Beijing but they do in some other cities. I may or may not have gotten quite excited when I saw one in Xi'an. I just say it's because it reminds me of Korea..not that I like the donuts haha.

Vivian said...

Christine- yup, the land of Tim Hortons!! I miss their coffee, I think it was some kind of vanilla flavoured kind? Gah, I forget! You should try to run, I think you have to slowly build it up- you could probably run longer than I do, you seem in way better shape!

Vivian said...

spajonas- haha! hope it did not disappoint.

Vivian said...

Joella- Haha, true! Korea was all about the donuts too!!! Oh my god how could I forget Dunkin Donuts! the shops were so cute, all pink and orange, a far cry from the run down DD shops in the West! Oh, Korea!!! DD isn't in Japan surprisingly, it's all Mr. Donut here and KK. Yay, donuts.