Friday, April 25, 2014

Days of Being Wild

To continue my Wong Kar-wai streak, I re-watched "Days of Being Wild" (1990) in a choppy YouTube version, but well, better than nothing. Maggie Cheung! Leslie Cheung! So splendid.

I also had my own days of being wild, which included mid-week karaoke with visiting friends from home. It's always such a special occasion to introduce visitors from my hometown to the charms of Tokyo, and makes my see my city with fresh eyes. Sometimes I forget how great is Tokyo; all I can think of are crowded trains, drunk salarymen, people not walking in straight lines during rush hour and young mothers playing with their iPhones and applying makeup while their toddlers run free on the train platform. True story. Yet, spending a fun evening out with friends, taking them out for okonomiyaki then showing them the glory of Shibuya crossing, with all the neon lights, sounds and umbrellas made me fall in love with the city once again. Although I sometimes think I want to leave Japan, I realize it would be impossible.

We finished the evening with a karaoke session- no Tokyo evening would be complete without it, and once again I realized that I do love karaoke and one hour really isn't long enough. We sang and danced to Madonna, Bob Marley, Green Day, House of Pain, Daft Punk, and threw in some obligatory Celine Dion to honour our birthplace. I really hope my friends enjoyed this Tokyo night out, and I'm pretty sure they did. I felt so thankful for the gifts they brought me, including a fashion magazine and tons of maple products, such as maple butter and those tiny waffle cones filled with maple sugar.

I felt pretty high from all the sugar intake this week, and I also felt really, really exhausted. Lots of going out, lack of sleep, lots of work, but many exciting things happened. I visited the French Embassy, had a long walk around Ebisu and Hiroo, drank iced coffee, met my group of girl friends for margaritas, and…

I booked my flight to Canada!!

Summer in Montreal, here I come. Can't wait to be home!! It's been over 4 years since I was home, which is long overdue. I know it sounds unbelievable, but for various reasons including finances, changing jobs, moving all over Japan, major visa issues and seeing my family in Kyoto and Hong Kong over the course of that time, a trip back home just did not happen since I moved to Japan. I felt lots of sadness and guilt over that, more than I ever let it show through my writing, but better late than never.

We all grew up in the same hometown but had never met

That's what karaoke gets like

Beurre d'érable, waaaaaaaa

This filter beautifully covers my DARK under eye circles
Thank god for Line Camera

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Basia said...

When in Montreal this summer, please pass by my niece's and her husband's hand-made jewelry kiosk. The new entrepreneurs have a kiosk across the street from the Ogilvy shop on St. Catherine street.
Here is their website for a preview of their creations:

Vivian, I seem to remember sending you this information in a separate email, and if I did, pardon the repetition.
I'm just a Proud Auntie!

My daughter and I have both been to Japan, and we both love reading your blog.

Wishing to return to Japan at some point in time :)