Friday, April 25, 2014

Days of Being Wild

To continue my Wong Kar-wai streak, I re-watched "Days of Being Wild" (1990) in a choppy YouTube version, but well, better than nothing. Maggie Cheung! Leslie Cheung! So splendid.

I also had my own days of being wild, which included mid-week karaoke with visiting friends from home. It's always such a special occasion to introduce visitors from my hometown to the charms of Tokyo, and makes my see my city with fresh eyes. Sometimes I forget how great is Tokyo; all I can think of are crowded trains, drunk salarymen, people not walking in straight lines during rush hour and young mothers playing with their iPhones and applying makeup while their toddlers run free on the train platform. True story. Yet, spending a fun evening out with friends, taking them out for okonomiyaki then showing them the glory of Shibuya crossing, with all the neon lights, sounds and umbrellas made me fall in love with the city once again. Although I sometimes think I want to leave Japan, I realize it would be impossible.

We finished the evening with a karaoke session- no Tokyo evening would be complete without it, and once again I realized that I do love karaoke and one hour really isn't long enough. We sang and danced to Madonna, Bob Marley, Green Day, House of Pain, Daft Punk, and threw in some obligatory Celine Dion to honour our birthplace. I really hope my friends enjoyed this Tokyo night out, and I'm pretty sure they did. I felt so thankful for the gifts they brought me, including a fashion magazine and tons of maple products, such as maple butter and those tiny waffle cones filled with maple sugar.

I felt pretty high from all the sugar intake this week, and I also felt really, really exhausted. Lots of going out, lack of sleep, lots of work, but many exciting things happened. I visited the French Embassy, had a long walk around Ebisu and Hiroo, drank iced coffee, met my group of girl friends for margaritas, and…

I booked my flight to Canada!!

Summer in Montreal, here I come. Can't wait to be home!! It's been over 4 years since I was home, which is long overdue. I know it sounds unbelievable, but for various reasons including finances, changing jobs, moving all over Japan, major visa issues and seeing my family in Kyoto and Hong Kong over the course of that time, a trip back home just did not happen since I moved to Japan. I felt lots of sadness and guilt over that, more than I ever let it show through my writing, but better late than never.

We all grew up in the same hometown but had never met

That's what karaoke gets like

Beurre d'érable, waaaaaaaa

This filter beautifully covers my DARK under eye circles
Thank god for Line Camera

Monday, April 21, 2014

In the Mood for Love

A few days ago I finally watched "In the Mood for Love" (2000) another Wong Kar Wai film I had completely skipped due to my infatuation with "Chungking Express" (in my defense, I've seen all of his other work). Just like his other movies, it was dreamy and exquisite, everything from the cinematography and the script to the music and costumes. To me, this is absolute perfection, if such a thing exists.

The Easter break came and went too quickly as usual, and I barely ate any chocolate. Maybe that's not a bad thing. I stocked up on a few English classics, as well as a lighthearted French women's magazine. The weather has been grey, cold and rainy, and I've been curling up at home eating homemade pumpkin and carrot soup. I walked around Tokyo station and the stylish Marunouchi area, and I decided it is the very best place to shop in Tokyo. It's not very crowded on weekends since it's a business district, and they have all the shops you can imagine, from high-end to affordable, between there and Ginza. Much more spacious than Shibuya and Harajuku, and a notable absence of shrieking gyaru.

Next week is already Golden Week; apart from my first year in Japan, I never took a trip during that holiday ever since. I learned about how crowded and overpriced it is to go anywhere, and just enjoy an emptier Tokyo. A trip will come after that time, I can be just a little more patient.

Drinks at Fuglen
{non smoking and sleek design, you win}

Breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien
{jam bar!!!}

This key chain hides a...

USB key. 

In good company.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Running + Easter

This morning I started the day with a loop around the Imperial Palace, which is exactly 5k. There are many metro stations all around the course, but I started and finished at Sakuradamon. It was such a crisp and gorgeous morning, the ideal weather, with a few cherry blossoms remaining in trees (but mostly on the ground). I wish I could start each day with that run, and maybe I should… doubtful it can happen.

I also have a bit of an Easter break, a holiday I had forgotten about since coming to Japan. It's definitely not celebrated here, and until last year or so, Easter-themed chocolates were impossible to find anywhere. Bunnies and pastel-hued chocolate eggs have somehow appeared here and there, and even though the vast majority of the population in Japan has no idea what Easter celebrates (just like in the case of Christmas), they like any excuse to celebrate a holiday- especially one with cute animals (eye roll).

I usually go for a Lindt bunny, and this year I was lucky to receive one. All I'm missing is a Cadbury Egg, an Easter brunch and being at home with my family. Somehow, Easter in Canada usually meant the (slow) start of spring. Maybe many Canadians don't know what Easter celebrates either, they just like the chocolate.

I am one of the lucky few to have an actual break for Easter in Japan, never heard of anything like it so I'll fully enjoy my special day. In other news, I've been hanging out at Roppongi Hills so many times lately in daytime (for work, for errands, for meetings) that I'm afraid people start mistaking me for a bored housewife.

From LA to Tokyo
Avocado Spinach smoothie

'Maman' spider by Louise Bourgeois 
Glorious Imperial Palace course

Tokyo Tower from 'pongi

Lapin de Pâques

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Now that I'm done hibernating, I've been up to so much lately. This sweater weather is synonymous with more time spent with friends, exercising, festivals, long walks at lunch time, iced coffee, new (and old) playlists, outdoor adventures, and re-watching old favourites. For some reason, I always watch Chungking Express in spring, and it makes me want to go back to Hong Kong for a trip.

Today I tried a yoga class, my first time in about five years, and first time in Japanese. I was a little lost in translation so I wouldn't recommend it unless you're quite familiar with yoga or really good at Japanese, and I'm sadly neither. Still it was a lot of fun, the teacher was amazing and it was a nice change of my usual gym/running workouts. I'm still not sure I love yoga- as in, I'm not convinced I could do it on a regular basis. I don't feel the same high I feel when I'm running- maybe it's something that takes time to achieve.

Here's a few photos from the past week- I went to Yokohama Chinatown, such a great place, and such a shame I don't make it there more often. Yokohama itself is quite nice, modern with open spaces and a gorgeous harbour. It's less than an hour from Tokyo, but I always forget about it. Yokohama!

This may be the best iced coffee I've ever had

Listening to this old (yet never gets old) playlist

Those songs {love}
Late Friday night selfie

Getting my makeup done by a pro while killing time during a shoot

Yokohama Chinatown Glory

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pardon My French

French is my mother tongue.

I grew up in Montreal, in a French-speaking family, and went to kindergarten, primary and secondary school in French. My whole life was solely in French until the age of 17, when I studied abroad for one year in the USA.

I quickly learned English at my American high school, as it was a complete immersion. I was also very curious about learning English, and spent hours reading magazines like Seventeen and YM with a dictionary, trying to translate everything. I also spent countless hours watching English TV series such as Friends and Full House, and I feel like I learned most of my basic English expressions from Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. I was lucky to pursue my studies at McGill University in Montreal upon my return, where I studied English literature while living a life in French outside of school.

Since I've been living in Japan, I haven't used French so much. Even though I have a few French friends, still watch French movies and read French books, it's not nearly enough. I don't get to casually converse on a daily basis, and every time I use French I feel rusty for the first few minutes. I feel really sad lately about this, not only do I miss speaking French, but my brain feels confused, especially with learning Japanese. I should focus all my energy on learning Japanese, but at the same time I feel guilty I barely use French. I know I'll never forget it, as it's my mother tongue, but I don't want to become illiterate either.

Have you experienced something similar while living in a different culture? Any tips?

In other news, today I tried this cafe called Le Coutume, which is apparently famous in the chic Left Bank of Paris. It just opened a few days ago in Minami-Aoyama, and I know there will be long queues a few weeks from now once some food TV show covers it, so I went in to try the coffee. It's good, very creamy, and there is a nice space to sit. They open early at 7:30am, so I might go there occasionally for a treat.


Monday, April 7, 2014

End of Hanami

The end of cherry blossom season is always a bit sad, and one could compare it to a lingering hangover (which literally can be, for many people). Within the next few days, the pink trees will all turn green, and the ground will be covered in pink- hanafubuki (the falling of sakura flowers) is actually my favourite part. It's more subtle, melancholic, and nothing compares to walking on a carpet of pink petals.

My 6k run left my body sore for the whole weekend, but each painful movement is a reminder of how good that was, and I'm looking forward to the next run. Running really does give a natural high. I didn't think I could last this long (I know it's not even that long!), but lately I run on the treadmill at the gym and it's easy to just get bored. Last Saturday's scenic route kept me distracted, and so did the banter of my running buddies.

In other news, today I indulged in a Krispy Kreme doughnut, which probably canceled all the calories I burnt while running. Oh well, it was worth it. I never was a fan of doughnuts before Japan, but here it's all about Mr. Donut and queues at Krispy Kreme. Apparently Canada has the highest number of doughnut shops per capita, more so than Japan, but for some reason I rarely ate them back home. It was the perfect way to end a Monday!

Monday Night

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wrapping Rant

One would think Japan is an eco-friendly place, judging by all the rules about sorting out plastics, bottles, cans, burnables and cardboard, which takes up most of my time on weeknights. Japan loves packaging: convenience stores use plastic bags for every single purchase, even for one mere rice ball, and department stores are even worse, with about three bags for a small item. I rarely see anyone in Japan putting their groceries in a re-usable bag, it seems like most of the population goes for the plastic. Sweets, crackers and many other food items are ridiculously individually wrapped inside one box, and Japan is probably the only place on earth where you can find individually wrapped bananas, carrots, peppers and onions. Unless you insist on no plastic bag at the register, the clerks will wrap everything up.

While I appreciate attention to detail and pretty packaging, this issue really angers me. Today I bought camembert cheese, which came in a box, and the clerk wrapped that box inside its own little plastic bag (I was too late to notice). I barely shop at department stores anymore for makeup, as it takes SO LONG for them to package a single lipstick or nail polish into several small bags. And don't get me started on feminine hygiene products; the drugstore carefully wraps them in a brown paper bag, THEN in a black opaque plastic bag, constantly reminding us that being a woman is shameful. God forbid how un-ladylike it would be to buy such products.

So yes, Japan, please tone down on the packaging, I'm sure my cheese will be just fine next to the box of crackers for my 5-min walk home.

In other news, today has been gorgeous, I ran 6k early in the morning along Meguro river, it was a true hanami run. I need to do this more often!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Here Comes April

Between an early hanami and the end of it, I feel like there was no in-between as the rain and wind took the delicate petals away. No panic, there are still some flowers in bloom, but their short lifespan was even shortened this year. I'm happy I was able to do hanami last weekend, and I plan on a second round this weekend too. I wish the cherry blossoms would last for a whole season, it's such a beautiful, romantic time.

This week was a bit of a downer, it rained so much and the strange weather made me so lethargic. I skipped the gym due to so many evening commitments and being generally tired. No exercise usually puts me in a bad mood, so I've been feeling a bit low, missing home and wishing I could get out just for a bit and speak French or something.

Anyways! April is here, it's a month big in changes in Japan: start of the new business cycle, start of the school year for students, and it's also the time of the year when hordes of apprentice salarymen roam the streets of Tokyo in their boxy suits and have one drink too many and pass out outside the station. It's a pretty interesting month, but can be really tough mentally on lots of people.

Nothing new for me this April; 2014 has been so peaceful, stable and quiet, a nice change from last year's adventures changing jobs and apartments and praying for a visa. I actually love how still everything is, it's the first time in a very, very long time. Maybe the first time ever in Japan, actually.

Early hanami

Rainy week + fluffy hair

End of hanami, 花吹雪