Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tokyo Rush Hour Gelato

Is February over yet? I've been feeling sluggish due to the cold weather, but somehow this morning it almost felt like spring. Even though the weather was chilly, I could just smell the spring in the air. In exactly a month, cherry blossoms will be on the brim of blooming, so it's something to look forward to.

Coming home from a vacation always makes it hard to dive back into a routine, and I miss Kyoto so much. I love Tokyo, but I realized my daily commute is killing my soul. Having to go through crowded morning trains and the busiest stations in the world every single morning and evening at rush hour has turned me into such an aggressive, irritated city dweller. Riding a packed train car, sandwiched in between fellow irritated commuters is the worst way to start my morning, even if it's just for less than 20 minutes. Maybe I should cycle to work, but it's not the most convenient in my case. I try to listen to music and focus on my reading, but I can't relax at all. Any tips on how to survive Tokyo train commutes? Help!

In other news, I discovered the very best gelato in Tokyo, in a cozy shop called Pariya, in Aoyama. My friend Nick introduced me to this delight, and I had a mix of chocolate cake and milk-flavoured gelato. I'm pretty vanilla when it comes to flavours, there are so many more to try, but I'm always happiest with  the basics. They also serve meals, so I'll make sure to go there on a lunch break sometime. 

I also had a chance to go to the Park Hyatt for 52nd floor cocktails (I had a French 75 as usual), as we were hosting some friends from abroad. We also took them to our favourite tofu restaurant in Ginza, where every single dish is based on tofu. The meal we picked had about a dozen courses, all using variations of tofu in ways you have never imagined: tofu dumplings, tofu nabe, tofu sushi, tofu skewers and even tofu sorbet for dessert. Most of it is vegetarian.

I finally picked up a new pair of Converse, in navy this time. I've always had white and thought I needed a change. I'm also in love with the new rose-scented body butter from The Body Shop, the scent makes me happy to get up in the morning and hop in the shower. 

Gelato from Pariya 
This view!!!!!!!!!!

They're brand new and clean, so ok to wear indoors (I think)

Guess what I found in Kaldi! OH CANADA!


Alexandra Howell said...

Commuting is hell. Mine is about an hour each way from Shinjuku to Saitama, so it’s usually not terribly crowded. But nonetheless, people are especially irritating in the wee morning hours. I try to zone out, read something interesting on my phone… dream of the weekend. It’s hard to relax. I know how you feel!!

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