Thursday, February 20, 2014

Strange Weather in Tokyo

This is the title of a book I've been recommended, and finally came across. The author is Hiromi Kawakami, and some versions have a different title, such as 'The Briefcase' or 'The teacher's briefcase' (the original Japanese title is Sensei no kaban). I am so shocked by the lack of selection of English books in Tokyo- bookstores actually used to have more English books, but it has significantly decreased lately. I know it's best to order online or just purchase electronic versions, but I like browsing books and roaming bookstores. Aoyama Book Centre in Roppongi and the huge Kimokuniya on the south side of Shinjuku probably have the most decent English selection. Back to the book: I highly, highly recommend it. It's a story about love, food and loneliness (don't they all go hand in hand?).

I also went to a bunny cafe for the first time. I'm not a big fan of cat cafes and such, as I always wonder if the animals are happy and well treated. The bunny cafe was very tiny and very relaxed- there's only room for about six people. The process is a bit different than a cat cafe. You can pick your rabbit from the cages (there's about twelve rabbits to choose from), and hold it for 30 minutes on your lap, on a blanket. The bunnies seem quite happy, even though they're a bit nervous at first they become really friendly after a bit. I held a baby rabbit with brownish, grey fur. He was so tiny. It's a very calm environment, the rabbits are well-taken care of and the staff very friendly. This particular cafe is located in Roppongi (of all places).

Speaking of which, daytime Roppongi is just as seedy as nighttime. I had the pleasure to be there around lunch time, and saw a woman being taken in a police car after stealing from Donki. Keeping it classy! However, I had the chance to eat a meal at the Tokyo American Club and ate the biggest piece of red velvet cake I had ever seen. America! Roppongi is like a different planet. I'm always relieved to come back to my little, local Setagaya area- although that red velvet cake was heavenly.

Must read.

Hi, there.

Bunny selfie

This guy was adorable too

Tiny tiny

Rabbit close up
Red Velvet Cake


Maria K. said...

Added that book to my Goodreads to-be-read list! It's so bizarre that Tokyo doesn't have a very big selection of English books seeing as that's where most of the foreigners are. That's the reason why I bought a Kindle and I have not looked back since.

Ermaaahgerrrd, that bunny is so cute! I need to check out if there are any bunny cafe's in the Ish. I went to a cat and rabbit cafe close to my house, but the cats were either seriously pissy, or they were on some kind of drugs because none of them were friendly enough to come up to you, and if you managed to get one still enough to pat, there was absolutely no enjoyment on their pat, no purring or anything, it was a terrible experience :( The rabbit room had a few rabbits who were way too scared to be picked up so they just ran away from you.

Blindly Beautiful

Yamato Himiko said...

Do you know the rabbit island?

Johanna said...

Cute!!! Yeah, Roppongi is a bit weird.Kind of like Roppongi Hill though..

Unknown said...

Maruzen in the Oazo Building in Otemachi has a good selection of English books.