Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Haze

This weekend, Tokyo had the biggest snowfall in something like 45 years- it looked like home, to say the least. Over 20cm of white fluff fell from the sky, and suddenly Tokyo was covered in a blanket and transformed into a magical, peaceful land. We went for a long walk, and it was so nice to feel the crisp snow under my boots, it all felt so natural. It also cured my homesickness; I cannot imagine living in a country where it snows about 8 months of the year. It was the little bit of home I needed, and I like to think the nature gods were thinking of me and sent snow my way :)

I kept warm for the rest of the time, wanting to avoid the train delays. By Sunday, the sun came out and the spring-like temperatures made most of the snow melt. So quick! February just makes me want to stay under the blankets and sip frothy lattes, which is what I've been doing lately- until spring comes.

I also had a delicious meal at an Okinawa izakaya. My favourite Okinawa specialty is umi budo, which literally means 'grapes of the sea'. It's a type of seaweed that's shaped like mini-grapes, and the texture is really crunchy- it just pops in the mouth. I also love a fruit named goya, which is a bitter melon. I hope to visit Okinawa soon, but to be honest I'd rather go to Hokkaido first. I'm scared I'd like Hokkaido too much and never come back, though.

Most snow I've ever seen in Tokyo

Winter Wonderland

Grapes of the Sea

I love that place.


Quyen Nguyen said...

The snow this year is incredible! My brother and his family were just in Tokyo and they couldn't leave! All the flights were delayed.

Anonymous said...

ahh snow... don't leave yet! I'll be visiting very soon! :)

Anonymous said...

First time commenter, long time reader.

Just experienced that snow storm, was the first real snow experience of my life. I loved it 95%.

Love your blog.

spajonas said...

I want to try those grapes of the sea! I love all seaweed so I bet I'd love those. The photos from Tokyo lately have been pretty awesome. Lots of fun snowmen and snow Totoro :)

Phi said...

Wow, that's just so beautiful! I know it's cold, but it's so pretty! It makes me want to be there too. Maybe next winter!

philly said...

Wow! Your balcony railing photo has the same sensibility as an ukiyo-e print. Absolutely lovely.