Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Groundhog Day, Setsubun, February is here.

Just like that the shortest month of the year has started (although it often feels like the longest), and in the span of two days Tokyo has experienced freezing cold, snow, rain, sleet, and summer-like temperatures. Madness!

Last week I had the pleasure to meet up with some fellow Tokyo ladies I met through the social networks- funnily,  after four years in Japan I keep thinking I've met everyone I had to meet, but surprisingly I seem to always encounter some amazing souls whom I have so much in common with- and more than just living abroad in Japan. I do hope those meetings become more regular, whether it's over margaritas or Maker's Mark, craft beers, wine or coffee- or all of it.

Winter also means hibernating more, and I've been cooking so much. I made this excellent mushroom risotto, so easy to make even in Japan (although I struggled with the fresh parmesan part), but I bet my selection of mushrooms on this side of the pond would make anyone envious. I've been drinking breakfast smoothies and making meals with fresh ingredients every night. Late one night I got tempted by a "Home Alone" deal from Domino's pizza, but it seemed too desperate (and cardboard-like), so I went to the 24-hour supermarket and made my own pizza from scratch- so much better. And yes, Domino's Japan has a deal called "Home Alone", which is a one-person sized pizza and can of soda. I've ordered it a few times before, please don't judge. Did you know that if you order from the English site of Domino's Japan you get a 5% discount? My Japanese friends don't believe me.

I've also been going to the gym often. Now I go directly after work, without stopping home, and it makes a difference (I go). I've been enjoying bathing and sauna-ing at the gym then coming home relaxed and warm. I've also been back at studying Japanese- yes, yes. I am practicing my kanji handwriting again, and learning new grammar and vocabulary. As opposed to the vast majority of people learning Japanese, kanji is a lot more interesting and easier for me than formulating sentences and speaking. But I have to work on that part, extra harder.

Gorgeous flowers at Nicolai Bergmann

Spring is near

Mid-week mushroom risotto

Maker's Mark was tasty

Train was late, so the attendants give
those lateness coupons to give to employers
-even for 5-10 minutes!

February Tokyo Metro Manner Poster:
move your bags!!

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Quyen Nguyen said...

The lateness coupon is such an interesting look into the work culture in Japan. I love reading about the little things that make a culture their own.