Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Breakfasts

I've been on a health kick lately, eating balanced meals, working out and getting a decent amount of sleep- all basic stuff, but when I'm busy I tend to sleep very little and snack on sweets. I never, ever skip breakfast (I have to eat within an hour of waking up), but when I oversleep I run out of the door and grab a croissant and a latte for the road.

I recently bought a blender at Loft, which is a staple I haven't owned since my days living in Shikoku (that's what happens when you move around the country so much). I am now making breakfast smoothies every morning (I'm sure my neighbours love me), and they are so simple. I stock up on frozen berries mix (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) and a├žai from Seijo Ishii (thank goodness for that store), and add soy milk and soy yoghurt. I'd like to try other smoothie recipes if you would like to share!

I'm also making overnight oats, which is oatmeal I soak in soy milk and yoghurt overnight. Guess where I bought the oats! As much as I adore Japanese food, I find their breakfast options quite limited, and I can't get used to eating rice or those awfully chemical conbini pastries and canned coffee. One thing I love about Japanese breakfasts are the soups, and I actually like eating a hearty soup when I first wake up, miso or any other broth.

I also re-arranged my apartment a bit, it looks a whole lot like my old apartment in Montreal- I actually never got over that apartment. I had missed it so much while in Korea that I went straight back to live there again. I think I keep such wonderful memories of that place and my roommate, and I'll always treasure the mere thought of it. I feel at home now surrounded by things I like.

My birthday was celebrated at my workplace, and they gave me the most delicious cake ever, a vegan chocolate cake covered with berries. It made me so happy! I also got a haircut, a long overdue one, and it's really short again (a little under the chin) with a long fringe. I know I keep saying it, but I have the best hairdresser in Tokyo- I would never let any other stylist near my hair. It sounds dramatic, but it can be so difficult to find the right stylist for your hair. His name is Momo, and he works at Watanabe Hair in Harajuku. I just like going there after work, then walking to the station passing through Takeshita Dori- always reminds me that I live in Tokyo, and it's insane when I stop and think about it.

Blender, a cute find from LoFt!

Aerial view, because I can climb up the ladder and do that

My cozy corner

Vegan chocolate cake with fresh berries

Reading my birthday card <3 td="">



Christine said...

That cake looks ​scrumptious!!

P.S. you have the best hairstylist! You always look chic :)

Mairefosho said...

Love the hair..espesh the bangs!

Routine is good - i've been getting into a new routine for this phase of my life and it feels sooo good, hah i'm beginning to feel like an adult!

I first tried this smoothie when I was still in Japan and it tastes so much nicer with Japanese soy milk (the green carton with the little seed - 45%(?) off one) than any here..sorry i'm no good with measuring it's all approximates..some ice, frozen or not frozen slices of banana, soy milk, spoonful of peanut butter, little bit of cocoa power (if ya want), little bit of maple syrup (if ya want) and I would put some coconut like for baking in for a bit of texture and then wizz that shiz up and sip away..DELISH! also good for pre or post gym sessions!! Try it and let me know what you think!

Nina said...

That cake looks amazing!