Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Japanese Winters: Not So Cold

While my countrymen are experiencing some polar temperatures (I still miss home, believe it or not), Japan has been chilly and rainy. Winters in Japan (well, everything south of Hokkaido) are not cold compared to where I'm from; in fact, they're very mild, and to walk around in January not wearing snow boots feels pretty tropical to me, even after four years in Japan.

Japan does feel very cold though, mostly because houses and building are not properly insulated. I've been trying to avoid using my air conditioner at all costs, as the warm air is so stuffy and dry. Instead I've been relying on a small space heater, electric blanket, hot baths, tea, hot packs, ear muffs and heat tech from Uniqlo, and I think I'm mastering winters in Japan.

I've been parading around in my red rain boots, happy to wear them at any chance I get. My good old pair of Hunter rain boots retired after five long years of service, and I replaced them with a pair of Fox Umbrellas- mostly because they came with limited edition Liberty Print buckles. So far, so good.

I've been sleep-deprived for most of the week, as I still can't fall asleep before 3am. I'm exhausted and my eyes are red, but hopefully I can return to a regular schedule shortly.

In other news, Spotify changed my life, and I've been listening to music nonstop. I'm currently digging back into one of my favourites, TV on the Radio. I'm especially loving this and this- what an epic performance.


Cutest pack of instant ramen, aka Tuesday night dinner

It's rainy


Christine said...

Uniqlo has been a life saver for me here in Canada too. Hope it warms up a little bit. I'll take 0 degrees any day now.

philly said...

Hi Vivian! Can you get free-standing electric radiator home heaters in Japan? These are the best. They don't dry the air and you can keep a comfortable room easily by setting a thermostat. No fans, no noise. Purr-fect. You can leave it on all day and come home to a place at a constant temperature. Excellent for small spaces with no danger of fire.(I got that straight from a firefighter.)If it tips over it shuts off.


spajonas said...

I need those uniqlo heat tech socks. My husband has them and I'm so jealous! Especially since it's been so cold here.