Monday, January 20, 2014

Hi, Gym

So, I'm somehow officially back at the gym, and it feels so good. I never completely stopped going, but for about a month during the holidays I slacked off and instead polished off boxes of cookies. I finally put a stop to the holiday fun (which was prolongated well into January), and dragged myself to the gym. I always feel so happy whenever I finish a workout, and regret skipping for so long. It's really difficult for me to hit the gym when I come back from work, as I'm so hungry and tired and I just want to lie down on the sofa. For some reason, my gym and many Japanese gyms tend to only open around 9:00 or 9:30am. I find it quite strange as I thought people would generally work out before heading to work, but I guess not. Instead it's open quite late, but I wish they would open at 6:00 or 7:00am so I exercise before work and start the day refreshed.

I am finding it quite difficult to get out of bed in the morning. It's so cold, and well, it's January. The only thing that motivates me is breakfast. I was recently introduced to soy yoghurt, and I'm completely addicted. I am never going back to the dairy kind! In Japan, you can only find it at import supermarket Seijo Ishii, and I get frozen berries and a├žai (same shop) to throw in. I also found almond milk, something I really missed from Canada!

It's the little things that make this winter less dreary, like all my Spotify music and re-watching TV series. I'm now re-watching Seinfeld, as I've been through Friends (make fun of me all you want). I know I should watch new TV series, but I like comforting things. I've also been painting my nails a nude shade, Ballerina by Chanel, which is a very pale, creamy pink I keep going back to. Yesterday I watched for the first time an old(er) movie called Running on Empty, featuring River Phoenix, and I loved it so much. I'm also reading lots of blogs lately and dreaming about Canada.

Elevator selfie- not by me.
Can you tell it's pink?


Johanna said...

Oh, I do the opposite and dream about Japan! When I studied in Tokyo in winter my bf and me always sat the alarm to like 45 min before we had to get up, just to start our aircon. Made it a bit easier to get up.

Ruth Dear said...

My gym in Korea was a little like yours; they were open really late and their classes started at 8pm. The last one finishing at 11! I guess it's a cultural thing?

I love reading about your life in Japan! Is that Chanel polish long lasting? Every time I get any nail polish it seems to crack and chip almost immediately!!

Christine said...

I will never take for granted almond milk!

Quyen Nguyen said...

It is definitely hard for me to get to the gym as well, but when I do, I feel so good after. Funny how that happens.

spajonas said...

I keep trying to get back on the exercise train and then I get knocked off by sickness. It sucks. As soon as I'm better, I'm going to be working out ALL THE TIME :)

Anonymous said...

I hear you about breakfast--the thought of a hot coffee and some scrambled eggs is the ONLY thing that has been getting me up at 5 am recently. Now if only I could convince someone to make it for me...

Vivian said...

Johanna: I do that too, actually!! As soon as the alarm goes off, I turn on the heater, then I snooze for another hour… bliss! Makes it hard to wake up!

Ruth: The Chanel nail polish lasts so long! It's so expensive, but the quality is amazing. I wear a clear top coat (a cheap brand, not Chanel) to make it last even longer. I've had my manicure for 5 days now and still nice. Try it!

Christine: Yes, it's a treasure!! I had forgotten all about it!

Quyen: Thanks for your link! Love your travels, wow! Yeah, my only motivation for the gym is that I can eat more, ha.

spajonas: Funnily, every time I go on a health kick, I suddenly get sick and ruin it all. I guess our bodies can't handle so much health?? ;)

pigonthego: yum, scrambled eggs… same here!! I wish I woke up to it on a plate next to my pillow.