Monday, January 6, 2014

A Birthday in January

A birthday in early January is probably the worst timing possible, but somehow it works for me. Early January is when everyone is out-partied, broke and on a diet after weeks if indulging and drinking, so it's always a very low-key celebration- which I love.

This time we went out for tea and cake, sitting outdoors, complete with blankets and heaters. We went to the Mori Museum in Roppongi Hills, and climbed up to the top to see a night view of our gorgeous city. I was spoilt with lovely presents, a homemade cake and tons of messages and letters from friends in Japan, Canada and around the world.

I can't believe I celebrated yet another birthday in Japan. Time flies, and it makes me nervous, like I have a lot to catch up on. Still, it was a wonderful way to end the holidays, with some cake, a few candles, and trying not to think about what this all means…

Cake, tea and presents

Despite what the candles say, I'm not five.


Johanna said...

Belated Happy Birthday from Sweden!

Ruth Dear said...

Ooh very intriguing, what was in the Dior bag! Happy Birthday!

mina said...

I still haven't put the pictures from my January birthday up. I'm clearly very behind on posting and reading. Going through your blog has me so envious of your life in Tokyo. I'm afraid I'll never get to experience like you have - all the seasons changing, all the nuances. I really hope we make it back someday soon. Enjoy your time in Montreal! xo