Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I woke up feeling really homesick this morning; I think it was the weather, the sky had that same shade reminiscent of a snow day in Canada, and somehow it made me miss home. I also read nice messages from friends in Montreal, then put on the Arcade Fire, and one thing led to another and there I was. It hasn't happened so often in Japan that I feel homesick, but lately it's a regular occurrence and I just want to go home and visit. I adore Japan, but I need a break, so badly. I'm still somewhat in limbo regarding my visa status, and it's the most stressful situation I've ever been in. I feel like the city hall and post office staff now knows me.

I was cheered up a bit by the arrival of my fridge. It's the first time in my independent life I own a brand new fridge, and I cannot believe I found something so cheap and nice. The strange thing is, as I tracked down its shipment, I found out it was shipped from Takamatsu, where I used to live. It's a nice coincidence, and it makes it kind of special. Besides naming my fridge Takamatsu-kun, I filled it up with fresh ingredients and cooked a few dishes tonight. I had no idea a new appliance could be so exciting!

I also had a gyoza party with some friends, which was a nice way to break the weeknight routine. I was lucky to learn how to make gyoza from scratch last year (time really flies!), and I'm always keen on re-creating the whole process. This time, we made a batch of cheese gyoza, which were a huge hit.

Sometimes I feel bad I complain about my life here and miss home so much, as I'm living a pretty amazing life here (minus the city hall visits and regular correspondence with immigration), and Japan has been so kind to me. It's the small things, isn't it?

Gyoza Extravaganza

Takamatsu-kun! I love you!

Hot cocoa + marshmallows

Fleece + Booties, my uniform

The best present, courtesy of Diptyque
Did you see the new flagship shop in Aoyama?


Quyen Nguyen said...

A gyoza party is the best way to cheer yourself up! Whenever I got homesick in Madrid, I would surround myself with the silliest of friends, and that got me through the moment. Hang in there!

Christine said...

That's a really nice fridge! Don't miss Canada too much, it's freezing here right now.

philly said...

Hi Vivian. I think there's a big difference between stating a fact (you are suddenly homesick in a wrenching way) and complaining. Yours wouldn't be a great love of home or family or friends if you did not experience such feelings intensely. Nothing wrong with embracing or sharing that desire/pain and simply going with it--like a brief dance to a melancholy song. (Thankfully, it passes.)

Good luck with the visa limbo. That doesn't help the unsettled state of mind.