Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Start

Yesterday I received a call from immigration, and after a mini panic attack thinking I was deported, they told me my visa will be ready to be picked up on Christmas Day. Of course, Christmas is just a regular work day in Japan, so the immigration office is open. I guess Santa listened to my request. Sadly, I think it's too late to actually go home, so I'll have to wait a little bit longer.

I'm trying to cheer up about spending yet another Christmas here. I'm on a much-needed holiday after 4 months of intense work, and I'm happy doing things like writing for fun and filling out my new diary (planner). One of my favourite end-of-the-year rituals is to pick out a planner for the upcoming year and start writing. I'm old-fashioned this way, I don't like electronic memos and planner, I like handwritten notes and a stylish accessory. This year, I chose a classic Moleskine diary, in cherry red. It's very simple with a hardcover, an elastic band, a pouch to put receipts and papers, and an included notebook. It has a lot of fun, trivial information in the first pages, such as flight durations between various cities and license plate codes. I now know the Tokyo-Montreal flight lasts over 15 hours, but I have never heard of a direct flight before.

I started the holiday (and celebrated a birthday boy) with a luxury afternoon tea at the posh Ritz Carlton in Roppongi, which was absolutely gorgeous. Besides drinks in the sky at Park Hyatt Tokyo, this is my top pick for afternoon tea. The view is wonderful, and so is the food. They had a special holiday menu, complete with winter-themed sweets. I drank a nice honey and fruits rooibos tea. We wandered around Tokyo Midtown and once again I realized Roppongi really isn't that bad, if you stick to the nice side.

(Late) Afternoon Tea

So much goodness

Cute but doesn't taste very good


Bundled up and waiting

Oversized deco

Moleskine 2014 Diary


Maire Benevides said...
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Mairefosho said...

Omedetou on your visa!! I can't imagine how relieved you must be!!
I'm having Japanese diary envy! I've been looking for a new diary here but they don't live up to my high Japanese honed cuteness standards, the configurations are all wrong aaaand they are far too serious (black?! Gah!). The more sickly cute the better!! And I'm with you on the written diary not the electronic way, nothing like a cute diary and a good pen (or a collection of pens, and stickers - always have stickers, and purikura...)

philly said...

What a wonderful present for Christmas Day! Even though it's too late to take that much needed time off exactly at Christmas, by not travelling at peak rush times you might save money and the hassle of the crush.

Why not treat yourself to a lovely pampering massage at a spa for the challenging year you've had and the determined and spirited way you've got through it? None of it was easy. You deserve a reward.

I borrowed a tradition from my dad who always got himself a splendid present--wrapped & opened it too. It's one of my favourite traditions, now, and I am never disappointed (though I don't always wrap it).

Why don't you try it? Merry Christmas from Canada, Vivian. I'll be thinking of you.

Anna Tallo said...
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Anna Tallo said...

Oh my! I used that very same planner in 2009, which happens to have been my favorite year of life so far. Here's hoping that it brings you the same luck! :)

Vivian said...

Mairefosho: oooh I know, Japan has the best stationery! I hope it catches up in other parts of the world :) And yes yes yes to stickers and purikura!

Vivian said...

Philly: Thank your so much for your kind words! I took your advice and booked a day of pampering today, I feel so good!

I also love your tradition, and I'm definitely starting this. Thank you thank you, and have some lovely holidays!

Vivian said...

Anna- That's good to hear!!! I feel like it's a lucky one already, I think 2014 will be great. Happy holidays!