Thursday, December 19, 2013

All I Want For Christmas...

… is a valid visa. Is it lost in the mail? Where is it?

Whilst waiting for the visa and slowly getting more and more sleep deprived, I've done a few fun things, such as going to Asakusa on a cold Sunday evening. I love revisiting places like Daikokuya, a great tempura spot I once visited on my own a few summers ago. It's not quite as tasty as my secret spot in that same neighbourhood, but it's a close second. While in Asakusa, I took another look at the beautiful Senso-ji temple and its larger-than-life red lantern. I also saw the Sky Tree peeking in a narrow alley, which was a nice surprise. I'm not a big fan of the Sky Tree as I prefer Tokyo Tower, but it's rapidly growing on me, and I love the contrast of Asakusa's old-school vibe and the futuristic Sky Tree. It's fun to play tourist once in a while.

In other news, it's been particularly cold and rainy, and not very Christmas-y. I've completed a lot of tedious tasks lately, such as changing my phone number at the bank. It took 3 forms, 4 inkan (signature stamp) and 45 minutes to finish the process, and I nearly lost my mind. I think this whole visa ordeal and not being home for Christmas makes me irritated, so I apologize if I accidentally stabbed you in the train with my umbrella. One more day of commuting, then freedom.

Thank goodness for places like Asakusa, mulled wine, mikan and nabe. I can do this.

Goodness hiding under that lid

Try this place if you're in Asakusa!

An empty shopping street past closing time

Can you see the Sky Tree?

Kaminari mon, meaning Thunder Gate. Roar.


Christine said...

Hope you receive your visa soon.

P.S mulled wine does make everything a little better ;)

spajonas said...

Fingers crossed the visa comes quickly! I want nabe now :)

Maria K. said...

The red tape for every single thing you have to do in Japan drives me insane! Hope everything gets sorted out soon so you can enjoy Christmas and NY in full :)


Blindly Beautiful

Céline said...

Hi Vivian,
My partner and a long-term resident friend had to renew their visas this year and it took much longer than the previous time.
It seems that the immigration office changed the renewal process a little bit, so don't worry too much !
Et joyeux noel !