Friday, November 1, 2013

Japan: 4 years

I haven't changed much in 4 years
Maybe except the fringe.

It's November, which marks my anniversary living in Japan. It's now been four years, which seems insanely long, yet very short. I still remember every single thing about that November morning, when I left Montreal, feeling excited but terrified for the most part. Everyone had warned me: it was a bit nuts to leave all by myself to go spend a year in rural Japan, where it would get so lonely, but my mind was set on doing this, and I did.

What was meant for a year turned into four, and I'm still here, now in Tokyo. Life is completely different than it was four years ago, and I mean completely. Yet I'm still the same person, I still get excited over the small things and the beauty of Japan, and although the stressful city life of Tokyo has somewhat tarnished my rose-tinted glasses at times, I love this place and leaving it would break my heart.

What started out as a wild adventure in the rice fields turned into real life, a stable job, an apartment of my own, a relationship, and lifelong friendships. Japan is my home, but Montreal is still my home- can I have both?

This weekend, I'm escaping (literally) to Shikoku, to the very place where I made my first steps in Japan. I will re-visit Marugame, the lonely train station, the nostalgic train jingle, the roads where I rode my bike at midnight just to buy a mango, and the cafe where I spent countless hours thinking and talking about life. And this time, I get to share this part of my life and show my first home to my Tokyo boy.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate my anniversary in Japan.


Ursula Leonowicz said...

awww... this brought a little tear to my eye! i lived in j for one year and am now back in mtl... enjoy the adventure - life and love included!

Ursula Leonowicz said...
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philly said...

Congratulations, Vivian! Happy Anniversary!

Happily, I am drinking champagne as I read this latest post. I hope you are too.

I also hope you have a wonderful time revisiting your first home in Japan. I'm sure it will be even more significant because you are sharing it with someone special.

Even though I don't live in Japan, like you, I understand fully and feel deeply the ongoing excitement over the smallest things of beauty that are a part of ordinary life in Japan but have no equal elsewhere.

I can't wait to hear all about it.

Kremti said...

Those candies might be ε’ŒδΈ‰η›†η³–? I am not 100% sure...