Monday, November 25, 2013

Glorious Sleep + Baths

How does one catch up on three months' worth of lost sleep? I'm a bit exaggerating, but really, I have barely slept for the past several weeks. I was in charge of a huge project at work, and I have spent more time at the office than at my house. The event took place a few days ago, and it was amazing to see the results of those efforts, and it was quite a magical moment.

This weekend has been a bit of a haze; trying to catch up on sleep, yet unable to fully relax as my mind hasn't switched off yet. I sleepily went back to work today, and came home early, finally tasting the bits of freedom. I walked all the way down Omotesando and noticed it was fully autumn. The ground was damp from the rain, leaves had changed colours and fallen, and it was windy. This weather is perfect, and I wish every month of the year was like November in Japan.

Other than that, I've been living in fleece. I stocked up on winter basics at Uniqlo- once again this year, I don't care how silly I look, I just want to be warm. Fleece zip-up hoodies, thermal undershirts, heat tech tights, hello! My best find was those fluffy 'room boots'. I slept on and off all weekend, watched a few movies, finished reading The Bling Ring and made my first nabe of the season.

I also am addicted to baths in the winter- and a Japanese bath is purely glorious, nothing like those bubble baths back home where you soak in your own um, filth. A Japanese bath is more square-shaped and very deep, so you can soak all the way up to your chin. You have to shower and scrub beforehand, and most families share the same bathwater. You can leave the water in the tub, cover it to keep warm and there is even temperature control. I won't ever be able to take a Western-style bath ever again.

I like winter in Japan.

Best sleep ever.

Softest scarf I've ever owned.

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