Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's Trending in Tokyo?

I often get asked about the current Tokyo trends. While Tokyo is so huge and it can be difficult to pinpoint specific trends, Harajuku sets the tone to the rest of Tokyo- and of Japan. Harajuku is the birthplace of most fads, and probably the most famous neighbourhood of Tokyo.

Back in August, I spent an afternoon in Harajuku researching (or rather, sampling) all those fads, and you can read the full article I wrote for MTV 81.

Believe it or not, Tamagotchi are back.


b.patel said...

I love reading your blog-- and even your articles, but I was wondering I could ask how did you get your job with mtv in japan? Was it very difficult for you to, or did it kind of just happen?

Christine said...

Oh wow, now I feel old! I used to have one ;)