Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waiting for typhoon + Flying Tiger

A Flying Tiger shop just opened near Omotesando, and I happened to visit it today- I loved it so much! It's a Danish design store which has branches all over Europe, and the best way to describe it would be a cross between IKEA and H&M. Practical stuff for the house, with quirky designs and low, low prices. Most items average around ¥300, which fits my decorating budget perfectly. The store was very crowded, and I think it will get even worse once they have an official launch. I picked up some Russian Dolls dish ware, fish-shaped kitchen sponges, an owl sleeping mask, an owl coin purse and a fleece blanket. I took my purchases home in a cute cotton tote, and the total bill was half the price of a lunch in Aoyama.

While in the Omotesando/Harajuku area, I stopped by an American gourmet popcorn shop called Garrett. This shop opened last year, but every single day I see people queuing up for hours just to get a bag of popcorn. I think it's completely ridiculous, just like every other craze around that area (pancakes is the latest one, with pancake cafes popping up all along Omotesando), and I don't even like popcorn THAT much. Since today was rainy and everyone rushed home to wait for the typhoon, there was no line at Garrett so I figured I should 'research'. Turns out the popcorn is really, really tasty, but there is no way I would ever queue up outside that shop just to eat it.

Tonight I'm staying in, waiting for yet another typhoon: number 26 this year. Apparently the biggest in ten years, but not sure what to believe anymore. On my way home the rain became really strong, so I did the lazy thing and picked up a take-out pizza at a nearby restaurant. The size was relatively small, but the staff included 4 oshibori (single-use wet towels that come before every meal), probably thinking I was feeding a whole family. I was really embarrassed.


Christine said...

I love your new bowls!

You have pancakes and popcorn craze there, we have ramen craze here! It used to be gourmet burgers..now it's ramen and tacos.

Khaleesi said...

I picked up a couple items at the store last night to make soup today. No work today and I inside all day and you know I'm not too sad about that.