Saturday, October 5, 2013

Swedish Hip Hop and 41st Floors

This week was jam-packed with work and after-work activities. I like busy weeks, but it easily throws me off balance, especially when I skip the gym. But all the good things I've experienced in those past few days really make up for the missed gym sessions. I had cocktails at my favourite spot in Tokyo- on the 41st floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, and as usual it was a truly magical evening. This time, I got there quite early, and saw the view in day light for the first time, and also got to see the sun set on Tokyo, and the city lights slowly coming alive.

I also saw a concert, something I don't do nearly enough in Tokyo. It was a Swedish band called The Movits!, and they play a mix of hip hop, jazz and swing. The opening act was fantastic too, a hip hop duo called Maskinen. It was one of the best gigs I've seen, the guys were so entertaining onstage, and it's danceable music. They stuck around after the show to sign all the merchandise for a long, long queue of fans, I think it's cool if artists do that, as they must be exhausted. I also like how early concerts take place in Japan- usually they start around 6 or 7pm. I actually used to complain about that when I first got to Japan, but I'm liking it now, maybe because I'm older and tamer. Concerts in Japan are rather orderly too, something I grew to appreciate. Then again, maybe I'm just getting old. Scary!

I am going through a 90s phase at the moment: I've been re-watching Friends, something that happens yearly. I like to re-watch the full series. Funnily I am now the same age of the characters back then, I never thought this day would come. I'm quite fascinated by 90s fashion as well, especially in television series and movies such as Clueless. I would still wear Cher's entire wardrobe to this day!

In other news I'm working a whole lot, and transitioning between being a journalist and public relations. I feel like I always look like a journalist whenever I go to events, press launches, meetings and parties. I'm not sure exactly what  journalist looks like, but I think I look like one. I wish I had that sleeker look of PR girls. I wish I could wear heels, at least.

Tokyo view, before sunset

Much-needed drink this week

My little salad bento, feta cheese it is.

From Sweden, The Movits!

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Johanna said...

Oh, how nice with two Swedish concerts! i wish I'd have known, I'm in Tokyo (well in Osaka as from today) and have been wanting to go to Park Hyatt as well. Nice to hear that you liked the bands.