Monday, October 28, 2013

My new favourite cafe in Tokyo

Today I was looking to have a quiet lunch away from all my work madness, and while walking around Aoyama, I found this little cafe tucked on a side street, at the top of a steep staircase. It's called Les Jeux Grenier, and although I tend to stay away from anything containing shady French grammar, I went upstairs and peeked in. It was so dark that I thought it was a bar, but turns out it's a cozy dark wooden space that opens up to a balcony facing the street. It reminded me of Montreal a lot, I felt like I was at a cafe on Mont-Royal.

It's decorated with antiques and old French CDs and books, and the menu is quite simple, with a focus on coffee. I ordered the lunch set, which was a croque-monsieur- basically a grilled cheese sandwich. It was grilled to perfection with butter just how I like it, and although the size seemed quite small, it was filled with cheese, and quality cheese for that matter. It came with a coffee, I chose the strong roast, and it was high quality coffee- right then I knew that place passed the test.

It was very quiet and relaxing with some light background music, and I felt so relaxed. I shouldn't share it as I want to keep it my secret spot, but I also feel happy to share those magical spots in Tokyo. The service was very friendly, and since it was "lady's day" (that spelling) I got a free dessert, which was a honey toast with ice cream. Everything was so delicious and lovely.

And in my ears, this.

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