Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mid-October, Summer is Back in Tokyo

False alarm, summer is most definitely still around in Japan, with temperatures peaking at 30 degrees (celcius, of course) every day of the week. While it shows that there is something definitely wrong with the planet, the dragging summer is also exhausting. Coincidentally this past week has been some of the most difficult, and I blame it all on the weather, incessant sweating and keeping up with frugal habits, which can be so boring.

Luckily, it turned out quite good in the end: I'm not sure I've mentioned that before, but two of my closest friends from Marugame, Jonathan and Jordan, actually live in my neighbourhood in Tokyo. It's funny how we used to hang out in the rice fields, and now we're doing the same thing but in Tokyo, still pretty much the same exact distance from one another. We're trying to keep our weekly dinner tradition alive, but it's proving to be a lot more challenging between our full-time schedules and commuting madness in Tokyo. Yet we managed to squeeze one in, and Jordan cooked me the most delicious risotto. It was such a welcome, homemade dinner, and a kind gesture. Jonathan made me promise we'd re-create the infamous eggnog recipe we attempted three years ago, and it shall be done.

I came home to another home cooked Japanese meal on Friday night courtesy of the person who taught me everything I know about Japanese cuisine, and it was the best way to end this week. Despite having a few more deadlines to meet this long weekend, I'm sitting comfortably, drinking Milo and watching more Friends (I went backwards and just started season 4, when Joey and Chandler are fighting about that girl they both like, and when Ross meets and marries Emily).

I don't remember ever seeing Milo in Canada, but I heard it was recently introduced. Can someone confirm? Milo is like Nesquik, bit less sweet, and I mix it with soy milk. It's currently my favourite beverage. I plan to go to the gym and cook some more, and be as lazy as I can.

Jordan's Risotto + Red Wine, thank youuuuuu!!!

Me & Milo


Christine said...

I don't think milo is popular here in Canada. I have seen ovaltine in stores. I used to drink both when I lived in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Milo is Australian! I don't know what it's doing in Tokyo!? You can have it hot or cold. It's particularly nice with icy cold milk, which you stir vigorously and most of the lovely crunchy Milo stays at the top - so you have to eat it with a spoon, then you have to put more in your milk, of course :)

Khaleesi said...

It's sooooooooooo hot. I can't stand it!