Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Few Lists


Things I've been into:

Maskinen (that mind-blowing Swedish band), Friends (I'm still in season 5, when everyone finds out about Chandler and Monica), oden (a hot pot a various boiled ingredients such as eggs, tofu, radish, fish cakes- you haven't had oden until you've had the homemade kind), returning to the gym after being ill, making a bento for lunch, the discount supermarket, looking at pictures of puppies, reading blogs.

Things I miss:

Montreal bagels, Fall in Montreal, Home

Things I'm over:

The heat and humidity in October.

Things I haven't been doing:


Under eye marks, how do I get rid of them?


Christine said...

I love the fall weather because I can eat and make hot pot again. It's simply the best cure for colds.

Btw, I love your haircolour :)

Khaleesi said...

What the hell is with this humidity?!?!? I'm dying!

Esther von Dinkelsbuehl said...

To get rid of eye marks: A lot of sleep! Therefore, change your list for next week ;-)
I am into Maskinen as well! Nice*
Greeting from Germany

Anonymous said...

YSL Touche Éclat. And (dare I suggest) sleep... :)
Oden is one of the few Japanese dishes I can't come at - though I've never had it homemade, only at cheap izakaya, and the sight of it bubbling away at konbini is pretty off-putting. Maybe I should try making it myself!!