Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Inarizushi + Thanksgiving

Today is Physical Education Day, which means we had a long weekend- thank goodness for all those Japanese national holidays squeezed in throughout this season. It also means Canadian Thanksgiving, which is was one of my favourite holidays because of all the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, wine and chilly weather. It makes me miss home a lot. My mom and sister sent me photos of the cats, which made me happy.

Thankfully another family took me under their wing, and I had the chance to eat homemade inarizushi, which is a pouch of fried tofu containing rice. I remember the first time I had inarizushi, nearly four years ago when I first arrived in Japan. I was living in Nagoya and bought lunch at 7-Eleven (it seemed so cool at that time!), and my sushi box came with a side of inarizushi, as it usually does. I thought it was the best thing I had ever tasted. It's quite sweet and filling. For the first time since I arrived in Japan, I tasted the homemade kind and I won't ever be able to eat the store-bought one ever again. I learned that if you use the fried tofu inside out, it's even more juicy. Rice can also be mixed with some vegetables, which makes it even tastier.

As planned, I drank lots of Milo and watched a whole lot of Friends- still in season 4, but I'm at the wedding episode (Ross and Emily, when he says the wrong name) so I'll have to decide which season to watch next. In honour of Physical Education Day, I made it to the gym and had a good workout, and noticed I lost a few kilos since the summer. I celebrated with toast and homemade grape jam, which was delicious. I also cleaned my house, and realized I haven't used my loft space since May. I usually slept there, but it got too hot over the summer, and still is too warm. It's now used as clothes and shoes storage, and I'm thinking I should keep that second floor for all shoes and clothes.

This weekend made me feel great even though I didn't do much at all.

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