Monday, September 2, 2013

September and Harajuku

We finally made it into September, although the temperatures still scream August. Summer is officially over, and looking back it was a good summer with lots of changes. It started a bit slow, and spent most of it going to the gym and writing at home. Then I took the most amazing trip to Kyoto, which was almost two full weeks of pure bliss and magic. While I was away I found out great news about my job, and I'm so happy I'm not freelance anymore. As much as I enjoyed sleeping in and lunching out, I don't think I'm suited for freelance work. I need a bit of structure and a stimulating environment and colleagues to be productive, and my living room wasn't cutting it. I love my new lifestyle, I feel so much healthier because I actually have to schedule gym time, plan meals and go to sleep early.

This weekend I went to Harajuku, somewhere I always pass through, but never actually take time to explore. I mostly went there for research purposes, but ended up having so much fun browsing through the clothes and snacking on the Calbee combination of chips, chocolate and soft serve ice cream. The Line application characters are so popular at the moment- my friends outside Japan probably have no idea what I'm talking about but Line is the the most popular text messaging and calling application at the moment in Asia. Every single person I know uses it, and the best thing about it are the stickers. See for yourself! I think it will pick up in the rest of the world soon enough.

Harajuku's must-have items

Brown, the Line bear

My favourite emoticon

Tamagotchi is back

Chips, chocolate and soft cream

Beautiful Tokyo skies, Sunday evening


Khaleesi said...

You know I love Line but know of hardly anyone in the US who uses it. Probably because Japan charges for texts and calls depending on your carrier while America has unlimited text and calling packages.

Christine said...

chips, chocolate and ice cream?!?! Sign me up!

Congrats on your full time job! I don't think I can survive working from home either, I need people around me despite how annoying they can be ;)