Thursday, September 19, 2013

Otsukimi, and Chuseok Thoughts

Tonight is otsukimi, which is literally a moon-viewing festival. It happens once a year in September, and it's a celebration of the full moon. Traditionally people display susuki (pampas grass) in their house and eat tsukimi dango (rice cakes). I think it's a nice celebration, and I looked at the moon tonight from my window. I was too tired to go outside or eat rice cakes, but I wish I had some. They're usually decorated as rabbits, as Japanese (and other Asian countries) see a rabbit on the moon.

This time of the year also marks Chuseok in Korea. I thought about it today as I saw friends posting about the holiday, and it made me nostalgic to think back. Chuseok is like the Korean version of Thanksgiving, and it's a long weekend when people go back to their hometowns and celebrate by eating amazing homemade foods. My Chuseok spent in Seoul is one of my favourite memories about my year in Korea. My gym friend Il Pyo invited us over to this house to celebrate with his family, and it  was the only time I would ever set foot in a Korean home. We were welcomed by his extended family, all crammed in a tiny apartment, and the food was plentiful and delicious. They made us feel so at home, and were extremely generous. I will never forget that day, especially not how full I was because I had stuffed my face with pizza at the park that same afternoon with my friend Bee, reading the much coveted September issue of Vogue. I cannot believe it was five years ago already! You can read the whole story here; I smile looking back at old blog posts and how mouthy I was.

In other news I had a haircut earlier this week, once again courtesy of Momo at Watanabe in Harajuku. I've been getting my hair cut by Momo for two years now, and I don't ever want to change stylists! Just like last time, he cut it pretty short (for me, short is slightly above shoulders) as I loved my previous short summer cut. Besides, my hair grows so fast and thick. I love my hair now, it's so soft and healthy. I think I should maybe go for darker hair for autumn, it's pretty light at the moment after summer.

I've been really exhausted this week and kind of missing having a social life, but I took a nice lunch at Nicolai Bergmann in Aoyama, where I was able to read Monocle magazine for free. I'm also currently addicted to those snack packs of feta cheese and olives from the import store, which I put in a salad and eat with soup and bread- my comfort meal when I'm too tired to cook. A long weekend is ahead, so I'm happy I can relax and see some friends and go see this animal-themed exhibit at a pop-up gallery I'm dying to see- anyone going?

My tea matches the magazine

Wednesday night at the Morelli household


Otsukimi from the comfort of my living room


Christine said...

You always have the best haircut! I get so scared to cut my hair :(

Vivian said...

Aw thanks!!! I trust my stylist, so I know whatever he does will be fine! You have gorgeous hair!!!

Khaleesi said...

Haircut looks nice!