Monday, September 9, 2013

Low-Key Me

September is here and I wore tights for the first time this season. Maybe a bit too soon, but I kickstarted my own autumn- I can't be bothered with summer anymore. I finally started sleeping with the windows open without turning on the air conditioner, and I sleep a lot better. That being said, daytime is still blazing hot and humid, but I'm in denial.

The cicadas are slowly disappearing (or rather, falling down) and all I can hear lately are suzumushi, which are bell crickets, as they sound exactly like tinkling bells. It's such a nice, soothing sound.

I've been laying low lately mostly because I'm trying to save money (or rather, not be tempted to spend), and also because I'm tired. I forgot what it was like to work full-time, and I'm trying to fit in regular gym sessions and cooking at home and making a bento. I still love going to the gym so much, but sometimes when I get home from work I feel so wiped out and I just want to lounge on the sofa until bed time. I usually push myself to go, and I always feel so much better afterwards. Here are some things that keep me motivated: the sauna, playlists (everything ranging from Sonic Youth to Rihanna, Dinosaur Jr, Neutral Milk Hotel, Snow, The Dream and Teriyaki Boyz- surprisingly some shame-inducing songs are the best to run to, I should post a playlist), feeling healthy and wanting to eat healthy things only.

This weekend I skimmed through Vogue's Fashion Night Out on my way home, and I also went to an English bookstore in Roppongi, and ate a├žai soy gelato. My boyfriend showed me the small area in Shinsen where they filmed The Ramen Girl. I don't care how bad the reviews were for that film, I love it so much, and to this day I feel like it's a charming and rather authentic rendition of life in Japan for a lost foreign girl. I also finally saw The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola's latest film, and I really liked it. To be fair, I like anything Sofia Coppola related, but as usual I loved the cinematography and all the pretty things and details.

In other (important) news, Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics in 2020. The reactions are divided, and as exciting as it is, I hope they fix some major things before that happens. The nuclear situation in Fukushima, and the post-tsunami and earthquake reconstruction. Last April I saw some desolate sights and heard heartbreaking stories, and I feel strongly about this. I also wonder if I will still be in Tokyo in 2020- it freaks me out to think about how old I'll be.

Niku udon tastes better when cooked by someone else

Omiyage from Ibaraki, so tasty!


Rachel Anastasia said...

Definitely make a playlist!!

Christine said...

I feel so tired after work too especially this month but I make myself go for a run to relieve my stress. It's not easy but you're right, it makes you feel better after.

Christine said...

P.S. I would like your music playlist ;)

Khaleesi said...

You even liked Somewhere? I didn't care for it.

philly said...

Trust me on this. You will not be anywhere near OLD in 2020 (though it may take you to 2030 to realize it).

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