Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cupcakes, Puppies, and Autumn

I'm guilty of the whole "I love autumn" spiel, as I do love knits, crisp air, changing leaves, tights and hot beverages, as cliche as it all sounds. Autumn has arrived, the winds are chilly and I wish the weather would be exactly this year-round. October and November are actually the most gorgeous months in Japan, pretty much the only time of the year when there are no extremes of cold or humidity.

This weekend I found the best cupcakes in Tokyo, the REAL DEAL, at Bella's Cupcakes in Shirokane. The shop owner is a cool girl from London, I'm girl-crushing on her big time and I admire what she has done. Her shops reminds me of my beloved Cocoa Locale in Montreal, and being in Bella's made me homesick. I know it's quite silly, but small things that remind me of Montreal, such as cakes and even the autumn weather can feel quite painful when you least expect it, thinking of family and friends back home.

After having a red velvet cupcake for breakfast, I headed to a friend's baby shower party. She is also from Montreal, and to this day she was the only person I could speak québécois with. I admire her for taking the plunge and having a baby in Japan, I know she will do amazingly well. She has the most adorably puppy, a shiba inu breed, and now I'm dying to have a dog. I also met another lovely French Canadian girl, so turns out we're not alone out here in the Tokyo jungle.

I'm feeling quite ill now, maybe because of the changing weather, so I've been ingesting vitamin-heavy drinks, such as organic carrot juice and highly concentrated blueberry juice, drinking lots of water and trying to sleep it off.

I have a fun little getaway planned this weekend, can't wait to share more. It's a place in Japan I have never been to. Can you guess?

Bella's Cupcakes, London meets Tokyo

Heavenly Red Velvet

PUPPY! She is only a few months old

My tights are grey, can you tell?

Norwegian juice, to drink in small doses


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